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Jul 8, 2006
I-80 traveling east from Utah thru Wyoming.  We're planning on leaving from Bryce Canyon Utah and want to travel I-80 through Wyoming and on towards Ohio.  We were wondering how this road is, ups, downs, grade changes etc.  Anyone with experiece on this road?
We just did this road a couple weeks ago.  Much improved over 2003.  There are some occasional washboard spots in Wyoming and Nebraska.  However, unlike 2003 when more than 50% of it was washboard and heavy construction areas, now there are much fewer construction areas and most of the washboards have been eliminated.

If you like stopping at Wal-Marts, be sure to catch the one in Laramie.  Most lovely sunsets and sunrises there and a nice store to boot.

Chicago is a mess to get through so we bypassed it using Route 30.  Saved some tolls also, as I80 becomes a tool road all the way to Ohio.
I-80 was fine traveling in late June 2007.  Were we get into trouble was the USUAL place - south of Chicago.  We lost two - TWO - hours there merging and getting onto the toll road.  Covered 20 miles in two hours :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:  Should have tried US-30 instead.  Can't think that it would have taken any longer.  Thiink Smoky's advice is good.
I agree with Smoky US 30 is a much better choice.  Better choice would be to avoid the whole area if possible.  When we travel to Mich we take 2 across.
Amen Ron on avoiding the whole area!  We plan to take Route 2 on our return trip from Indiana.  Where do you think would be a good place for us to pick up Route 2?
When we go to Traverse City Mich we come across Northern Mich and across the big bridge.  However, if we are in Indiana and do not want to go to Mich we have taken highway 24 across to I39 to I80.  Depends where in Indiana we are.
Smoky said:
We will be looking for a route from Nappanee Indiana (near Elkhart) to take up to route 2.


If you and Sharon haven't made the trip across the UP it would be a great chance to do so and pick up US-2 after you cross the UP. (You will see a lot more on Rte 28 out of The Sioux. Take US-31 up the east shore of Lake Michigan if you have the time. we have done that trip two or three times and nevr tire of it.
Smoky said:
We will be looking for a route from Nappanee Indiana (near Elkhart) to take up to route 2.

You can head North to Mich and cross the big bridge to the UP then catch 2 across.  Coming to Sam's camp you can go all the way to Malta then turn South on 191.
Ah thanks Shayne.  I opened up a new thread about the UP and Route 2.

Sorry we got cut off the phone this week.  I think we hit a dead pocket.  We were underway as we were speaking.
No Problem  I understood.  When traveling that stuff happens.  I should find out the 19th about the surgery.,

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