I finally cut the strings with compuserve!

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Bruce Patterson

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Apr 10, 2005
Some where on the Third Planet from Sol, Milky Way
Well, CIS canceled my contract to run their Republican forum, so I opened a new one (it was in my hip pocket and ready to go.

Then, today, I canceled my compuserve account.  I was only getting spam on my email by now, so what good are they?

I've got my new forum up and running with a link to this one, can I tell people how to find it? I've got a Theology forum now too.  Politics and Religion!  The two forbidden topics?  Not on the American Cybercafe! I've got a link to this forum on all my forum pages.

BTW, my forums have full OLR support and full threading.  Cool, huh?

Meanwhile, I just got back from two weeks in Brazil.  Business is running fine there. 

Been married one year now!

Currently in Four Seasons Campground in South Jersey with my wife.

Hi Bruce,

Long time no talk. Sounds like you're enjoying married life. Glad to hear the biz is doing well.

Congratulations on the new forums. Hope they do well. As you know, we elected to move here from CIS a couiple of years ago and haven't looked back.

...can I tell people how to find it?

You already did - it's in your sig line  ;D

Long time no see, welcome back.  I haven't looked at CIS for months, and the last time I didn't find anything of interest.  Stick around, you'll recognize a lot of the old regulars that are here.
Welcome back Bruce.  Been a long time.  I dropped CompuServe shortly after our move here since the ONLY reason I had to stay with CS was the RV Forum.  I had become more and more dissatisfied with CS ever since AOL got involved.  Sounds like married life is treating you good.  Like Ned mentioned you will see a lot of familiar names here. Is great hearing from you again.
Bruce Patterson said:
Meanwhile, I just got back from two weeks in Brazil.? Been married one year now!


Welcome Back,

I  don't think we have gotten the end of the story of your brides difficulties  on getting to USA.  Last we heard they were not going to let her leave for honeymoon.  I assume  you got that worked out.  Glad your government hassle  times seem to be over.  Glad you are back aboard!

Thanks guys!

OK, more update. In October, we got two weeks' notice that we had an appointment with the US Consulate in Rio de Janerio for an interview regarding our application for an immigration visa.  We decided to make the appointment, so I scrambled and got tickets for me from the USA and her from Manaus.  The interview was on a Friday and about 4 months after our wedding.  We had been separated the whole time.

The interview was scheduled for 8:00 am and my flight arrived at 8:10.  I had a friend pick me up at the airport and take me directly to the consulate where S?nia was waiting.  This saved having to take a taxi to the hotel, unload my luggage and show up much later.

Turned out that all the interviews that day were scheduled for 8:00 am, but the consulate didn't actually open until 9:00. Typical American Government tactics!

They finally called our name about 12:00 noon and the interview lasted less than 5 minutes.  The Consul was behind bullet-proof glass using a loudspeaker. He told us we could pick up the visa on Monday.  Our flight was scheduled back to the USA on Thursday, so we had a week in Rio to play tourist and visit old friends from the SIVAM days.

We've been together every day since. Lot's of traveling.  Were in Roanoke for a while then upstate New York, near Buffallo, got to visit Niagra Falls Canada.  Now we're near Millvile (that's where the job is--it's a 35 minute commute). Probably going to Altoona, PA next.

The last two weeks we were back in Manaus staying in my house there and attending an International Trade Fair and spending time with family.  She's got 14 brothers and sisters, and some of them came to visit.

I hope it's ok to post the links to my two new forums.  The Theology Forumhttp://www.americancybercafe.net/theology isn't really getting any traffic at all and I'm not spending much time on that yet, but the Republican Forum http://www.republicanforum.com is getting some traffic.  I have a special section for sysops of ANY forum, so if any past or present sysop of any forum at all wants access there, please let me know. It's a private place to discuss sysoping and forum programming.

I wish I could get the kind of traffic you all are getting here, but I'm handicapped because CIS kept the old forum open under new management, so I couldn't get the members to move over.

Keep in touch.


Nice to see you back! :)  I'm so happy to hear you were able to resolve your visa difficulties and be reunited with your bride.

Howdy, Bruce.  :)    :)
Sure is good to see you here. We are glad to hear that you and your bride are reunited. Seems that you are doing very well!!
Jack got an early retirement package from his now former employer, GE. So we have been retired since January 1, 2006. In May we took our ten yr. old grandson, Cole on a vacation. We went to New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. We had a wonderful adventure!!
Now we are in Fort Worth, TX and wrapping up a few loose details before leaving for the San Antonio area. We want to investigate that area's RV parks to find one where we could stay for the winter months.

Welcome back,
Jack and Liz 
Feels good to be back.  Sure miss the OLR though.  It sure is nice having it back in my new forum.  I'm using Outlook Express as an OLR.  It's not as good as Tapcis, but it sure beats not having one.

Sonia and I will have been together now one year at the end of Oct. that's when we met in Rio and got the visa.

Smashed my truck Thursday (that's a different thread) and it's in the hospital.

I'm persona non grata now at CompuServe and have no idea why.

Business in Brazil is going well, as is my lawsuit against the studio that lost our wedding pictures.  We'll be back there for a court date in Feb, and just in time for carnival.

Jackliz said:
Now we are in Fort Worth, TX and wrapping up a few loose details before leaving for the San Antonio area. We want to investigate that area's RV parks to find one where we could stay for the winter months.

Reiters and I will be in Kerrville for a week starting oct 23. Keep us informed as to your location the day or so before the 23rd.

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