I LUV My Garmin RV 770 LMT-S

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Aug 16, 2016
I read about and contemplated getting a GPS for many months and just couldn't get past the bad remarks.  But, last June I purchased the Garmin 770 because it seemed some of the glitches had been worked out, and I began to think that people didn't set the system up correctly to begin with (like taking time to update software before they hurriedly used it).  I have had no problems with this unit.  I luv it!  Once in awhile, it's not been able to find my search location, but they were weird probably.

I used it around town while still in Indianapolis and I think I figured out why it sometimes takes you on a route that is NOT the shortest, fastest available.  My neighborhood was old, all residential and small corner businesses and all right angles with various route choices to my "home".  Basically, it would choose the residential route that had the largest streets, or no parking, or least dense housing rather than route you down the normal side-streets that everyone who lives there uses. This makes sense to me because how else might you choose routes except from aerial photos, street widths, density of houses, etc. and similar stuff.  I determined that this was not a failure of the unit, but just the was the data was interpreted and programmed.  But, after ignoring it's choices of either 2 blocks north or 2 blocks south of the street I normally took to "home" a couple of times, it learned the new side-street and routed me that way.  I didn't think it had that capability, but apparently it does for routes one uses repeatedly.

And I like the "categories" feature where you can choose "restaurants" for example, and then select a sub-set of things like pizza, steakhouse, coffee/donuts, Asian, etc.  This has been great when in strange cities.  Then it links you to the Trip Adviser rating if you want.  It has been wonderful for running around the Black Hills and finds my route back no matter where I start from away from the trailer.  You can do gas stations, recreations, rv service, campgrounds and more.

I have not used it to avoid tunnels or overpasses etc. so can't comment on that yet.  Also, I've not used the phone software for live traffic updates, because I'm not been in any type of hurry to worry about traffic.

Anyway, I felt impressed enough with it to encourage anyone contemplating this unit to take a chance.  Just be sure to follow the set-up instructions from Garmin religiously before you try to use it. 

Just looked at two Youtube videos on the RV770.  The only question I have is do we buy it now or wait for our Sams Club Dicsover Card check.  Last check was excess of $300.00.  That would just about cover Sams price, $349.00.

msw3113 said:
Thank you for the review, we are contemplating purchase of a 770.

Did you happen to get the back-up camera with it?

We have the backup camera with the 760 and it works really well. We have it set up for viewing the hitch while hooking up the fifth wheel as our truck has a regular built in backup camera. Makes lining up truck with RV a breeze.

We got a 660 last year.  Same features, smaller size, which works well for the space I have for it. 

I LOVE this thing.  Coolest GPS I've had.  As with any GPS, it's always good to have a quick look at the routing, just to be sure it works for you.  Ours hasn't sent us on any wild goose chases, and the feature set is great!  I've loaded a few more POIs into it, easy peasy, but the ones it ships with are pretty darned comprehensive. 

I like how easy it is to change routing on the fly, and how you can view all prior routes in BaseCamp.  I even set up a 10 day, multiple stop trip in BaseCamp and exported it to the unit.  That was really cool!  All I had to do each travel day is tell it to go.

I really like the "up ahead" feature.  Also REALLY like linking to the SmartLink app on my phone, which gives you even more granular traffic info and weather, too. 

Finally, it's nice to be able to switch to car mode, too.  I keep it in my laptop bag when traveling for work (or other times I don't have a built-in GPS), and use it in rental cars.  All of my usual destinations are saved, and all of the cool features are still available. 

I am very happy with the purchase.

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