I was Robbed! 2007 Hurricane F53 chassis Ford V10

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Apr 22, 2019
So while it was parked for the winter someone cut the Cat - converter off my MH!  Being that a vehicle of this size is not required to have one. I am thinking of installing another muffler in its place.[ to stop this from happening again] Has any one out here had this experience? Suggestions? Thanks, Karlsr.
I read a story just yesterday where a woman in Des Moines, Iowa had this happen to her when she parked her car on the street overnight.  Also, several years ago I took a job of driving cars to and from auto auctions for a used car dealer that was going open.  They had purchased several minivans and had them parked in a fenced in lot with a locked gate, however, the night before we were going to put the minivans on the show lot, someone, or maybe more than one, came in overnight and cut the catalytic converter from about a dozen minivans.  I have no idea what it cost to have them replaced, hopefully, they were covered by insurance.
mine has been replaced with a piece of 4 in stainless pipe....downside....you smell more diesel and it is louder, upside......no back pressure and it is cooler underneath.

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