I20 in December?

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Feb 3, 2008
I'm going to Quartzsite this year.  I'll be leaving from the Florida Panhandle.  I'm thinking about taking I75 to Atlanta and then I20 to I10 west of Pecos, TX on to Quartzsite.  I am leaving Florida on or about December 8.  Do you think I'll have much weather to deal with?  I40 is too far north, I think; I'm sure there will be snow in OK and NM.  I10/I12 through LA STINKS - it would be nice to avoid it.  Anyone here done it this way?

You would be safer taking I-10 all the way.  Weather on I-20 can vary from good to horrible in the winter.  I-10 in LA is much better than it was years ago.
Thanks Ned.  I went to Rayne, LA in February - I10 and 12 still stink, lol, though at the time I didn't realize I wasn't driving a truck and so could stay in the left lane (within reason).  I definitely want to stay away from wintery weather as much as I can.

My dinette table actually came unlatched and crashed into the cabinets from bouncing around on that trip!  I hope the steering stabilizer, new rear bushings, and properly inflated and balanced tires that I've gotten since then will help too.

Our daughter lives in Baton Rouge and we are in and out at least twice a year on I-10/I-12. I think December will be a little early to see problems on I-20 until you get out into west Texas, but that doesn't mean you won't. If you go as far north as I-40, I wouldn't take that bet.

We have offered to move our daughter some place that does not impede traffic like BTR, but no luck to date. In all our travels, I don't know that we have been in a less traffic friendly small place like I-12 in Baton Rouge. It's a permanent construction area, seems like.

We just watch the weather in the Four Corners. If you are going to have trouble in the south, that's usually where it tracks out of during December to February. Wouldn't hurt you to plot several routes and adjust as needed.
My son and I drove from AZ to MS on I-10 then to I-20 the Sunday before Thanksgiving and returned the next week-end.
The drive east was great, but driving back thru west TX, we hit a snow storm and the roads were almost shut down.
Of course, my AWD Subaru had no problems.
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