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We are currently at Angel Lake RV Park in Wells, NV.? We were plagued yesterday with what we thought was an oil leak so we lost a lot of time on the road checking oil, adding oil or trying to find someone (on a Sunday) to fix it.? So our trip on I-80 through Nevada was a long and stressful one.

When I called the park to make reservations, Steve, the owner, told me they closed at 9:00 p.m. but if we were not there by then, he would wait up for us (I had not at this point told him of our woes).

We were greeted at the coach by Steve's grandson who promptly led us to our site and told us when we got set-up we could come to the office and complete the paperwork.? DH talked to him about our problem and asked if there was anyone in town who could help.? He did make a suggestion but wasn't sure if they could fix our coach.

At 9:00 a.m. this morning, Steve knocks on our door and introduces himself (he was not here when we checked in).? He says after we call the repair shop to see if they could look at the coach today, to come and get him and he will drive his truck to lead us to the repair shop.? He said he knew folks at the shop and wanted to make sure we were taken care of.? Then he said something that was one of the kindest things I have ever heard - he told us if we needed anything to come to the office - that he wanted us to know that we were not alone.? Yesterday we did feel VERY alone and those of you who have driven that stretch of road will know what I mean.

He did as promised and led us to the repair shop.? Turns out the mechanic says it is fuel.? There is a secondary fuel filter that we didn't know about (the mechanic said most people don't because it is hard to see) that was loose.? He tightened it but said it should be replaced.? The filter is on order and should be here tomorrow.

If you are ever in Wells, NV, I recommend stopping at Angel Lake RV Park and support a great park and a gentleman that will not ever let you feel alone!!!

Thanks for that report. Sounds like the owner went above and beyond the call of duty. Do you have a phone number &/or web site URL for that park? We're always wondering where to stop when we head west from Salt Lake. We usually go on to Elko or Winemucca. But Wells might make a good stopping place.

Glad to hear you got the "leak" figured out. There's nowt worse than having a problem on the road, especially on that relatively isolated stretch of interstate.
Thanks, Tom, for reminding me.  I should have included that information.

Angel Lake RV Park
124 S. Humboldt Avenue
Wells, NV  89835


Angel Lake RV Park

It is right off I-80 and is an easy on/off the interstate.  They have free WIFI but let them know you want it so they will put you in a site close to the office for best reception. 

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Thanks for that info. We'll definitely look them up next time we're en route to/from Salt Lake.

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