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Oct 8, 2005
Bucks County, PA
Me and hubby bought our very first MH, used 2001 Minnie Winnie.? Can't get over the amenities offered in "camping" these days.? Camping used to bring to mind tents, nets, and lots of mosquitos!?

But this is the life.? We've had her out 4 times already for weekend trips.? Our last trip was down to Atlantic City to see a show.? One of the casinos allowed us to park overnight in their lot (don't know if I can mention which casino, but during the "Show" we didn't see one "Boat").?

Our only frustration has been that it is used afterall, and I had a ton of cleaning to do when we got it.? We bought it from a dealer and they got it in tip-top running shape, but the interior was a total disaster.? I don't think the owners cleaned it in the 4 years they owned it.? Plus, at the moment, it's raining cats & dogs here and guess what -- the front window where the bunk bed is located is leaking, like a sieve!? So you live n learn.? My hubby is a great do-it-yourselfer, and can learn to do anything.? If the dealer won't fix it, my hubby is certain he can fix it himself.? I for one am thrilled that I had not yet hung the new curtains I sewed for the bunk -- now I know why the set in the MH over the bunk was stained and yellow.? Duh! My first lesson in paying attention to details.? Now if someone could give us a suggestion for drying out that foam rubber mattress that was under the leak!

But we're not in the least put off.? We have a trip planned to pick up the in-laws and drive to North Carolina for the week of Thanksgiving to see the rest of the hubby's family.?

BTW, I got the idea to sew curtains from this forum.? Someone said just to buy pre-made drapes and cut them down.? And Viola! 4 new panels in a snap.? Just had to buy those curtain strips from Camping World and sew them in.? I had already made drapes for the bedroom before I read about the shortcut.? Again, you live n learn.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far...and for those to come.? Hopefully, we'll be giving advice some day soon.

Thanks again!

Mary, Joey, and the Mutts (Buttercup - Golden Retriever, and Ranger - Collie-something)
Mary & Joey,

Welcome to our forum. Glad you decided to join us. Also glad to hear about your first travels with the Minnie Winnie. Just make sure that leak gets fixed because water can seep into places you can't see and the result could be an expensive repair.

Have a great Thanksgiving trip to North Carolina.
Hi Mary, Joey and the mutts,

Welcome to the forum. I hate to tell you but you are not longer campers. You are now Travlers!!! Hope you continue to enjoy your new motor coach. Be sure to ask any questions you might have. Some of us will answer. ;D
Hi Mary and Joey,

Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on the Minnie Winnie.  I'm sure you will have some very enjoyable travels in it.  Glad you found us.

Welcome to the RV Forum. Congrats on your RV!! We hope that you will have many Happy Trails in it!

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