In the market for a TOW BAR for my 2003 Jeep Wrangler

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Jun 16, 2006
Hi...I am new to this forum, but thought this would be a good place to start gathering some information on the purchase of a quality tow bar for my 2003 Wrangler.  My Jeep weighs  4600 lbs, and I will be towing it with a 2003 Class C (Fleetwood Jamboree GT) built on a Ford Chassis (V-10).  I am also considering adding HP/torque with a Banks intake/exhaust upgrade.  I am not a full time RV-er and would be mainly towing the Jeep around locally in So. California.  I typically take 10 to 15 trips a year.  The most important feature I am looking for, besides quality and dependability, in this tow bar is ease of hookup (and un-hitching) on potentially uneven terrain.  I would really appreciate some feedback from anyone about their experience with tow bars, as well as whether or not I should worry about the weight of the Jeep being a potential issue with the Ford V-10.  Many, many thanks in advance for your useful information!
Several companies, including Roadmaster and Blue Ox offer their  tow bars in all-terrain versions. These provide a couple of cam levers to release the tow bars. I use the regular version of the Roadmaster Black Hawk to tow our Suburban. Although it doesn't have the all-terrain levers, Roadmaster provides a separate lever that I use on the rare occasions that I can't release the bars.

Assuming that the Jamboree has a large enough capacity tow hitch, you'd need to do some calculations on the weight capacities. To see an example of how to do this check the Weight capacity calculations article in our library by clicking the Library button above and selecting RV-related How-to's.


The two major manufacturers of towbars are Blue Ox and Roadmaster. Both have several different models for different needs. Their websites are here:
Blue Ox

Depending on how much mountain driving you plan on doing, you may want to reconsider the intake/exhaust upgrade. They're not cheap, and your Triton may well be up to the task without it, depending on various weight loading factors and rear-end ratio. There are others here that are much better versed in these things, and I'm sure they will respond. 

I think a 2003 Triton might still have the original 275hp V-10. If so Banks provides a substantial improvement. The later versions included most of those in OEM version.
Thank you all for the information...I will definitely look in to this some more...luckily, it looks like I only need to research 2 brands of tow bars.  As for the V-10...I was under the impression that it was 310 HP, 425 ft-lbs. 

PS---I'm pretty new to Rv-ing and find myself wandering in to Camping World every time I need to make a large purchase or upgrade on the coach.  I know for sure that they are a bit more expensive than what I've seen elsewhere (mostly internet vendors).  Is there a good alternative to Camping World for the purchase of big ticket items like tow bars?

Thanks again for all of your info!
If you are buying much stuf at Camping World, buy a Presidnets Club membership, which gives you a 10% discount.

CW is convenient and their prices aren't bad when compared to Rv dealers in general.  And their installation fees aren't bad either - and sometimes they are "on sale" or even free when you buy a component there.  However, I usually buy big ticket items from internet vendors after shopping for best price.  And moststuff I install mself.  CW will still install stuff for you, though, even though you buy it elsewhere.


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