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Mar 11, 2005
wherever we are parked
Well we are bedded down for the night.? Accessing Internet via Verizon as too tired to climb the roof.

We had a lot of things to deal with today, so did not get started as early as planned.? We arrived here at the Casino at 5:30 pm and almost did not get a spot.? ?::) 'This place is VERY crowded.? Not many cars and the Casino itself is nearly empty, but tons of motorhomes and 18 wheelers.? I counted over 50 motorhomes.? 51 I believe, though at my age it is hard to keep count.? ?;D

It is now 10 pm Pacific time, and I don;t think you could find a spot in the MH section unless you were VERY creative.? This worries me somewhat as tomorrow is Friday and by evening should have a much bigger crowd than a Thursday night crowd.? Not only would there be FMCAers gathering before Saturday morning Pomona check in, but I would think a pretty good crowd for weekend gambling etc.

If tonight is at capacity, what will Friday night bring??

Seeing what I see now, I would seriously plan on arriving by noon, or at the very latest early afternoon.? Maybe I am in-experienced in casino watching and there will not be a problem for late arrivals, but both myself and the Admiral, with our limited experience, think that this place will be filled to the seams by Friday night.? Since the 18 wheelers are parked in a different section than the Motorhomes, even a trucker taking the weekend off will not lesson the parking pressure unless they allow MHs to park in 18 wheeler spots over Friday night.

Don't know.? Just reporting our observations so that the more experienced here can make their own decision.? If I were leaving for Indio on Friday, I personally would try to be here before noon.

Currently we are parked in the back row of MHs... in our silver and gray Newmar Country Star with the red Taurus station wagon.  Tomorrow morning if someone pulls out over at the side by the gravel, we will move there so our slides will not be in anyone's way.  Everyone has their slides out here, so we opted to put out two slides on the driver side.  Not comfortable about doing that, but it sure helps getting around inside.  I did not see any coaches with slides without having at least one out.

Crowding was one of the concerns I previously had about trying to meet up immediately prior to FMCA.

BTW if that's the same casino we stayed at in Coachella a few weeks ago, hopefully they don't enforce their clearly-posted rules that say 24 hours maximum stay for RVs. I've only stayed there that one time, so I have no idea if they mark tires or whatever. Maybe some of the regulars would know if they turn a blind eye.
Well gosh Tom I guess we screwed up.  It sure will be a shame if we have to miss the very thing we came here for.  Maybe in the morning I can explain my error to them and get some sort of exemption.  This really ruins our evening.  :mad:

I am not sure where we can go tomorrow evening.  Maybe we can find a campground, and then come back in Saturday morning and hook up with the gang?  Or maybe they do their check earlier in the day than 5:30 pm which would get us through to Saturday.

Ugh.  Hope we can get an extension.  Was just getting ready to turn out the light and then saw your message here.  :(  I thought we had a really good game plan here for our first ever FMCA rally.

I hope everyone can find a spot here tomorrow. 
Hopefully they don't enforce it Smoky. Maybe there's a nearby WalMart if they ask you to leave?

FWIW I posted a list of their RV parking rules here following our recent stay.
Don?t scare me like that Cassandra Tom!!  ;D

We just took our morning constitution at 6 am (me and Sky) and walked all around the parking lot.  Not a single warning sign.  There were signs all right, like 2 West,  3 West (where we are) marking off the parking lot sections.  And trash cans with signs at every light pole.  And a flyer on my door telling me what is going on here for the next three days.  If there is a 24 hour warning sign it must have been at the entrance and I missed it.

I just do not think there will be a problem my staying a second night and leaving with the gang for Pomona.

So far only truckers have departed.  The lot is still packed with RVs, but hey it is only a few minutes before 7 am.  I can?t imagine there will not be spots opening up in the early part of the morning.  Looks like a show vendor parked next to me.  Big motorhome pulling a very large trailer, and his ?untoad? parked in between us.

I guess I sound like Cassandra too, worrying about spaces for my comrades.  But to my untrained eye, it looks like this place will be filled to capacity, especially if other groups rendezvous here.  And being a Friday evening.  Hurry on down gang!
Hey Smoky, I was looking for you yesterday. We passed the casino around 1PM and there was only 1 RV in the lot. I guess a lot just take off each morning.

I have no idea who Cassandra is, but I didn't mean to scare you. Since you didn't see the signs (there are several of them), you must be at a different casino from the one I was thinking of. Good job we decided not to meet up with the group tonight, because it sounds like we'd have been at the wrong place  :-[

The last time we stayed at Spotlight 29 there was a flyer under our windshield wiper with the notice.
Bernie, maybe they took the signs down in favor of placing the flyers under windshield wipers  ???

The RV caravaner's....Brewer's, Mahoney,Pennings, Shepards & Cousins are all safe & sound at the Spotlight 29 Casino ready for the 2 hr caravan to Pomona tomorrow. I'll take a pic of us at dinner tonight if I remember.<G>


Glad to hear you were all able to hook up. In case you missed it, we decided to caravan in with the Monaco group and some other framily members. Let us know where you're parked when you're settled in at Pomona.

Here is a pic of the group going to dinner.

Russ, Betty, Sue, Jeff, Admiral, Smoky, Mimi & Chris


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Great photo Terry, thanks. How come you're not in the shot  ???
Terry was not in the shot because he was behind the camera!  :D

Tom, Cassandra was the Greek heroine famous, among other things, for her dire predictions.  ;D

Bernie, we did not arrive here until about 5:30 pm, Thursday.  We got the last RV spot. 

Yesterday morning there was a mass exodus at about 10 am, and about 15 coaches remained after the original 51.

then they opened up the adjacent lot for RVers instead of the truckers that had been there the previous night.  I did not do a count yesterday, but I believe there are more coaches than on Thursday, but the increased RV space has handled the overload.  the only flyers on the windows have been encouraging ones listing events.  I checked at the office and they said not to worry.  Donald Trump recently sold this casino, so perhaps the policy has softened.  This is a great place to rendezvous, and I am delighted that they have trash cans at every light pole.  You are never more than 50 feet from a trash can.

My only complaint is that people are not cleaning up after their dogs over in the dirt area.  I feel almost ridiculous carrying around my paper bag for Sky, since every other step is like walking through a land mine, where the dogs go.  With the trash cans within easy reach, I don't understand why the dog owners are not policing better.  But hey, this turned out to be a well organized place as far as parking goes.  They are definitely encouraging overnight parking with the trash cans and the ability to redirect the balance between RVs and 18 wheelers.  We will remember this place for sure as a good transit stop.  Whoever came up with this idea deserves our thanks.

As I said, at 1PM, there was only 1 RV there. We've been using that casino for a long time, even before Trump got involved and started ruining it.
Smoky said:
Cassandra was the Greek heroine..

Explains why I didn't recognize the name. I flunked history at school  :(

Yesterday morning there was a mass exodus at about 10 am.....then they opened up the adjacent lot for RVers

That's good to know for the future. It's certainly a good location, both for a transit stop and proximity to Indio.

.... people are not cleaning up after their dogs over in the dirt area.

I'll occasionally find dog poo on my lawn, thanks to equally inconsiderate pet owners. I started to take note of who walks their dog past our house and when, then made a point of being in the yard or garage when they came by.
I always have a couple of bags in my pocket and always pick up after Mr Sam. And if I'm almost back to the coach or house and still have a bag in my pocket, I'll pick up some other dog's poo.
I'll occasionally find dog poo on my lawn, thanks to equally inconsiderate pet owners. I started to take note of who walks their dog past our house and when, then made a point of being in the yard or garage when they came by.

When we lived North of Houston there were a couple ladies that thought it was perfectly alright for them to allow their dogs to POOP in our yard and when i politely asked them to clean up after their pets I was informed they had no obligation to clean up after them.  Not only our yard but any yard.  I seen one of them coming so I manned the sprinkler manual switch and turned it on at the appropriate time.  She had walked the dog across the lawn to her dogs favorite spot.  Soaked them both.  The problem was cured though.
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