Indoor RV storage?

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Nov 9, 2012
I've read a lot on this and other forums about storage however, I've never read anything about anybody using indoor RV storage.

There are several here in the Sacramento area and a couple that have the valet service.  The valet service is included in the monthly fee ($127 a month for my 27' fifth wheel) and they will dump your tanks, fill the fresh water tank, wash your RV or boat, etc.) 

You just pull it into the lot (each person has a gate code if it's after hours.....they'll put it inside the next morning) and drop it on the pad.  If you want any of the other services (tanks dumped, washed, etc.) you just call them and tell them or go inside to tell them.  Same for picking it up.....give them a call an hour or two ahead of time (definately before closing time!) and let them know that you're coming to get it.  If you want them to wash it just before you pick it up then you might want to call the day before.

It's a massive industrial warehouse where they store the RVs and boats, using a forklift that's set up to move ball hitch type trailers as well as 5th wheel type.  Of course the MH's they just drive them in, so I imagine you'd have to walk the keys in to them.

It's approx. $85-$100 a month for an exterior storage place (usually at one of the storage locker facilities that has a little extra space to bring in extra revenue).  But the spaces are usually far to close together and you never know if there's going to be damage to your unit when you come to pick it up.  That plus the sun, rain damage (this area goes from down around freezing in the winter months to 110F-112F in the summer months) and I look at it as an investement that I'm trying to retain as much value in as I can.

I pay $127 a month so for the difference of $27-$42 a month I'm getting full service, have all the services, easy access 24 hrs. a day, behind a locked gate that only other RV and boat owners have access to and preserving the exterior.

Do you or have you used indoor RV storage?  Your experience?
I store mine outdoors becuse I just cant afford indoor locally.  But I do get great service, they will put it away or bring it out if I ask them too at no addtional charge, and wash it for $1 per foot. ($36 bucks for me.) I have them do that once each month and it's still over 100 bucks cheaper than indoor storeage where I live.  Indoor storage in my area seems to start around 175 per month and 250 is not uncommon with no services what so ever.

I don't know of anyplace near me that would be less than $200 for indoor storage. I store mine under a carport type structure in my back yard which is really convenient. If I could store it indoors for $127 I would be tempted, that is a good price.
Wow.....this kind of reminds me of RV detailing.  I washed mine myself (spent several hours) and then immediatly took it over to the place where I have the car and truck hand washed and waxed.....they charged me $75 to wax it but othes (on another forum) were quoting prices of more than $200.  :eek:

And they talk about the cost of living in California being so high........hell, that's just taxes. :p

It's no wonder I haven't read about people that use indoor storage at those prices.
I store my MH at an indoor storage place in So Cal.  The price is significantly more.  I pay $ 7.50 a foot, which works out to $ 255.00 per month for me, but outdoor storage here is around $ 140.00 a month with no services.  i get all the services you describe for the $ 255.00 a month.  I consider it well worth the differential I pay that amounts to about $ 115.00 per month.  The washing, the dumping, the tire pressure check, the battery charge, not to mention that wear and tear on the tires and the paint; i feel I'm ahead of the game.  Do I wish it was cheaper, of course.  But it's all relative.  I would highly recommend the indoor storage, especially for the price you can get it for.  JM2C

I did a month of warehouse storage and there were several things advantages like being protected from the sun and weather.  I was over whelmed and had trouble hitching when I first took delivery and they were willing to offer this service.  They too offered dumping services only to find out that they didn't have a "dump station" and already got into trouble with the city before.  This was a red flag so I moved my TT a couple weeks later but budget was the other 50% of the reason. 

Gee whiz we are paying $261 per month for covered outdoor storage with electricity here in Scottsdale. You are all lucky to have indoor storage available let alone all the valet stuff!
Here is San Diego, I could not find a place with indoor storage for less than 300.00 per month and they have a waiting list.
I pay $100 a month for indoor heated storage here in Ohio.... I can park outside for free but think it worth the money
It seems that indoor storage is particular to the south west.  I have looked for indoor storage in the north east and so far squa-douche.
Someone could make a fortune in the NJ/Philadelphia area to have this at an affordable price!

The closest to me is about 2 hours and starts above $350/month!
We live in a retirement community in central FL that has a gated RV storage lot within the community. We pay $134.00 per month for covered storage with elec. hookup. We also pay the elec. which is around $15.00 a month, + or -. They also offer outside storage for $55.00 per mo. with no hookup. There is a place set up to wash your RV, but it's self serve. Yours sounds like a deal.
Looking for indoor storage for my 43' 5th wheel for approximately 9 weeks beginning 10/28/15.  Want to try to get it in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky or Tennessee.  Any suggestions?
Rene T said:
Many state fairgrounds rent space in their barns for boats and RV's.

OMG! The one in Weiser, ID just about blew my mind how the shoe horned all the RV's in. If you in the middle your screwed till everyone on the rim  came for their RV. MoparMom and I looked at amazement thing this is not for us. We are very random folk and might want to pull out at a drop of a hat.
Here in SW Missouri, I could store my MH outdoors for as low as $25 per month - fenced, lighted and camera equipped storage facility.  I used that for my travel trailer but when I bought the motorhome, I wanted something covered as it had always been in covered storage by the original owner (and it showed in appearance).  Found a nice storage facility that was fenced. extremely well lighted, multiple cameras and a live on site manager.  Each RV was stored in its own covered stall with walls on three sides and the rear open.  $110 per month.  Only detraction was it was almost 20 miles from home.  Put my name on a list for a closer storage unit (14x14x40) each stall fully enclosed and  outside lighted - $100 per month. Stayed on that list for over 1.5 years until yesterday when they called with an opening and the place is only 2 miles away - YIPPEE.

Earlier this month a new storage facility opened nearby with the usual fencing, lighting, cameras and electric doors on each stall - $225 per month and it is impossible to maneuver anything more than about 20 feet without backing onto newly seeded grass - very little concrete in front of stall.  I told them they made a big mistake and they laughed.  So far, none of those stalls are rented.  Wonder why.

I have also heard of several underground storage facilites in the Kansas City area.  Something like old mines or the like.  Maybe someone could comment on those.
Rene T said:
Many state fairgrounds rent space in their barns for boats and RV's.
I wish mine did ( New York) as I live 3 miles from it, have worked on at the fairgrounds (so I know the ins and outs of the place). However, half the year they have RV's parking for RV shows, horse shows, stock car racing. But no permanent storage. I'm having a helluva time finding a place to store an RV (currently in an apt in the city). So when I get one, I'll need  a place to park it for now.
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