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May 21, 2005
Hello-my sign-on name is DreamingDeb because i am dreaming Rv and learing all the time. When our 1st of 7 son's left home I kinda panicked and have been dragging the crew into the camping world.(screaming and kicking) Now my hubby and crew are on board and finding time and money for trips is a challenge.We own a 1985 tt thats is dubbed "trailer 101".We need to fix the water-pump and front door is need's work but we are together and having fun. Thanks for listening.
Welcome to the RV Forum.  Glad you found us.  Please join in any of the ongoing discussions, ask questions or start new discussions relating to the RV lifesyle. Rving is having fun.  Thanks for joining us.
Hi Dreaming Deb,

Welcome to the friendliest forum in cyberspace. Holding on to one's family is a struggle but we all realize we must let them go and find their own way. In the meantime, Rving can keep those that are still in the nest close. Just remember that RVing is not for everyone. I hope all of your family do enjoy it.

The best fun comes when all have flown the nest and you are now on your own!! We did some camping with the kids when they were young. After a time, they got tired of it and we finally stiopped. Now that they are on their own we sold all and went full time. We are currently visiting our son and his family and, in two days, we will be with our daughter and her family for the summer. RVing is a GREAT way to visit the kids. We have our own home and, when things get too hectic, we can return to peace and quiet for the evening.

I encourage you to try to keep the family involved but remember there is more to it than just today. ;D

Hope you continue to visit our forum and participate in any and all discussions!!!

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