Installing new chassis battery

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Mar 10, 2010
Asheboro, NC
Winnebago-02 Sightseer-Triton Engine
Thanks to all who responded yesterday to my post concerning a none staring engine on my unit.
I have decided to go with the new chassis battery.
Any particular brands recommended these days? Its been awhile since I purchased a new battery.
Also-do I need to disconnect my unit from shore power during the time between when I remove old chassis battery and install the new one? Should be an hour or so to return with new battery purchase.
Any particular danger in switching fridge over to propane during installation ? No propane leaks that I am aware of. 
As always-thanks for your help.
Should be no problem to leave shore power on while changing the chassis battery - in your model of coach it is only the house batteries that are charged from shore power. You can leave fridge on either electric or propane.

Make sure you mark the polarity of the cables before you disconnect, so you can be sure to put them back correctly. A picture can be helpful.

Battery brand:  Most any will do, as long as it is the appropriate size and CCA rating for your engine (get the same as what you had). These days, there are numerous battery brands but they are all made in the same factory  by the same 3-4 manufacturers, so you may as well shop for price and warranty. Walmart is probably as good as any, but I've bought  from Reilly Auto Parts and Advance Auto too. Sams Club or Costco are good too, if you are a member.
I agree with Gary. I always go with Sam's Club or Walmart for ease of Warranty exchange any place in the country. Auto Zones and O'Reilly's are every place also.
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