Instrument panel shut down.

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Nov 15, 2017
Anyone else experience this SNAFU? I was cruising up the road at about 65 cruise control on, all of a sudden the instrument panel starts to go crazy with the dials going to zero and the light bar up top goes dark then a second later all the lights come on and the cruise control goes off and seems like she shuts down then a second later everything returns to normal and just have to turn on CC? 2014 Itasca Meridian.
our old 1994/5 does that, I found a relay panel in the front that was made by "ford"which must have a defect.Changed out all the relays and it still happens. Now all I do is go out and give it a whack before leaving,seems to stay on until I shut it off and even then it is only very seldom would thing that in 20 years they would not still be having that problem
Mine has done the same thing twice in two years. Glad I am not he only one. This trip my fuel gauge was stuck after filling up. it showed empty. About an hour later the dash reset and the gauge worked. Not sure if it sensed a change or problem and rebooted or it was something else wrong.
My 2003 Winny Journey DL had the wiring harness over the engine drop down on the hot manifold and fried causing all the gages to short out.  Hope that did not happen to you but you need to check.  6K later all the gages replace and the harness fixed ok now.
Our 2004 Winnebago sightseer will do that from time to time...low fuel buzzer goes off, all gauges to to zero, cruise control shuts down...then everything is normal again...
Some good friends of ours took delivery of a new Newmar Mountaineer in April, and they've been having a very similar problem. It's on a Spartan chassis, and I think they said they also lose their engine break when the gauges start freaking out. The dash gauges and systems are made by Silverleaf.

My friend believes the problem is heat related, because it resolves itself when he slows down, drives in cooler temps or idles. He's had six Newmar-recommended shops look at it, including Newmar and Spartan tech reps at the FMCA rally in Gillette, Wy, but no one has been able to figure it out. Last I heard, he's made arrangements to take it back to the factory.


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