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Apr 25, 2005
Hi Guys

About a week ago, I joined the Fleetwood RV group at Yahoo.

I posted a very brief message simply listing the items which had been replaced with new parts on our RV and asked if anyone had experienced a similarly high number of issues.

The thread went on for a while about Fleetwood Quality in general, and the qaulity of others makes etc etc

That isnt the reason for this thread...

I have just had an email from Fleetwood Owner Relations asking for details of any outstanding issues with the RV - and including a copy of that first posted message to the Yahoo group.

Do you think Fleetwood are "on the ball" enough to monitor the group, or do you think one of the mods has sent it to them ?

I just found it interesting to get the email today.


UK-RV said:
Do you think Fleetwood are "on the ball" enough to monitor the group, or do you think one of the mods has sent it to them ?

Could be either way Paul, although the fact that they're asking you to send the message suggests they may not have direct access. Hopefully they don't turn this into a negative. It's actually a wonderfiul opportunity for Fleetwood to turn this into a huge positive, making you a proponent of their customer service in the process.

Personally, rather than send them any kind of inflamatory message (sorry, I haven't read your message over at the other forum, so I don't know what it says or how it reads), I'd re-compose it into a "clean" message merely stating the facts and timeline, omitting any emotion or negative things about the company. I might even be inclined to call the person before sending the message.
Ive dug out the original post - as I said, very to the point and I dont think it sets out to upset anyone :-

Hello Everyone

Im new to the group - we are from the UK and purchased a new 2006
Expedition on February 1st in Florida.

Since then, we have driven 23,000 miles.

Our tour has been somewhat spoilt by having to check into so many
Fleetwood dealers for repairs, or the worry of thinking what will go
wrong next.

A SHORT list of the problem items show the following which have been
replaced with new parts :-

new front brakes
new main slide motor
new inverter
new corian cooker top (warped)
new carpet to bathroom/bedroom
new passenger side external mirror
new engine block heater
new half windshield
new toilet seal (twice)
new wind sensor to awning

We've even had the lower front of the RV hanging off as it was only
held on with 5 nuts/bolts of which 3 sheared off.

How many of you have encountered such problems with a 6 month old RV ?


I know the email I received came from one of the regular customer support team as we had been in touch many months ago (suprised she doesnt remember me, lol). Althoug, I am using a different email address on the Yahoo group and perhaps she tried to match the email address with existing cases.

Im now dealing with one of their supervisors, so will just send a brief email to link the two things together.

That's nice and concise Paul. It wouldn't hurt to include something to the effect that you appreciated the issues being taken care of, although they caused you quite a bit of personal anxiety and disrupted your plans. You're dealing with individuals who get beaten up by customers day in and day out. A little 'positive reinforcement' will go a long way with people.
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