Intermitant Ground Problem - FIXED

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Dec 21, 2017
Jupiter, FL
Gremlins, I hate them!  Since I purchased this coach I've been having problems with the ceiling and patio lights only working when they wanted to.  They could go a minute or a week without working.  I finally dug into it yesterday by removing 2 ceiling fixtures.  The power and grounds are all daisy chained (run in series) down the middle of the coach.  The second fixture I removed was recessed right next to an aluminum tube roof frame member. I spliced a jumper into the ground wire and ran a self tapping screw into the frame member and had instant light on both circuits.  They apparently share the same ground.

I'm glad I stumbled across the frame where I did.  I knew what the fix would be, but not knowing how it was routed from the factory, thought it was going to be a nightmare to find a way to run a new ground wire above the ceiling somehow to somewhere.

It all worked out for me for once. Now, what can I fix today....


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