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Sep 19, 2006
Hello everybody in the forum.  My name is RayChez, and I used to belong to this forum years ago, 2003 to be exact. But when the forum was changed I lost track until Mike Bayer told me how to get back into the new forum that was created.  It will take me a while to meet some of the new members, but I still remember some of the old members. I will be traveling to New Mexico for the ballon fiesta and I might stop and visit a person I have visited before Maxwell in Belen NM. Good to be back on the forum.
Hi Ray and welcome back!

I'm sure Bob Maxwell would love to see you, as he does all forumites who head that way.
Welcome back Ray. BalloonFest in Abq sounds great....we may have to mosey down that way from Cortez.

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