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Jan 10, 2006
I started rving a year and a half ago in a 19ft. Airstream tt in order to travel and travel to dog shows with my dogs -- my household varies from four to two dogs, and staying in motels with them is a drag, even though they are well behaved. I loved the Airstream but found that hitching it by myself, and I frequently go to dog shows alone, was too difficult, so I bought a 24 ft. Carri Go class B+.  I like the whole experience so much that now I am thinking of trading up to a class C, around 28 ft with a slide or two, I'm thinking.  I went to Crestwood RV in Westchester NY, which is the closest dealer.  They carry mostly Winnebagos, and the salesman was going on about what a great brand, and they are constructed better -- might be true but I am learning not to trust what salespersons say. 

I saw a post about Crestwood from "smokeeater", he seems to have bought his Winnebago from them.  But I too live in New York State -- yes, the salestax is a killer.  How can you take delivery legally out of state? :eek:
You can take delivery anywhere you want but NYS will still collect their pound of flesh if you title/register the vehicle in NY.

They will also try to collect the sales/use tax if you maintain a legal residence in NY and they catch you bringing the vehicle into the state for use there, even though you may have it titled elsewhere. Whether or not you would actually owe the tax in that case depends on many factors too complex to explain here.

Short answer: move to another state or pay the tax.
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