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paul d

New member
Dec 14, 2006
South Carolina, USA
G'day everybody - My name is Paul D.  My wife Margaret and I have been RVer's since the 70s, did a round the world trip in 1974 with a Landorver 109 and 21ft trailer - departing from Sydney and return.  Since then we have not stopped travelling.  We have a 40' Royals International (our 2nd of this type) pulled by a F350 dually.  We love it to bits.
We prefer the older 5th wheels to the newer type.  I guess it's because we are old!  We settled in the USA 12 years ago - that's how long it took to get our citizenship - but that's another story.  We fell by the forum by accident and think it is a great way to communicate.  By the way if 'Ron' is out there from the Satellite company, I have sent a message as I am in the market for a new system.
I'm sure we are going to spend a lot of time reading and taking part in the forums.  Thanks again and we look forward to maybe meeting you on the road.
You'll know our rig as we have a yellow Lambretta on the back!
G'day Mate,

Welcome to the RV Forum..  Please look around the forum,  join in on any of the on going discussions, start new discussions, or ask questions.  Thanks for joining us.

We lived in Sydney when I was assigned there for the company I worked for.  Really enjoyed it.  Where are you located here in the US?

I will look for your message.

G,day mate        i hope they treeted you right  down under and of course" you would to go back one day . but it has be said that those sydneysiders are a strange bunch i am from the west myself .[geraldton]wa ,  margaret my wife is a brit east coast [norwich] we now reside in conway mytle beach south carolina. if you or anyone is needing help when in the area  or just to do  some running repairs  ill be glad to try and help .im planning atrip to alaskain 08 so i shall be looking for plenty of tips myself please exsue my typing but the old brain is in retirment mode, take care on the roads,theres plenty of dingbats out there,in all types of disguises .    paul d
G'day mate,

yep we enjoyed our time down under.  First time I went there was to Melborne for 4 or 4 months.  The second time was Sydney.  We lived in Lagarno also west side of Sydney. 

When you do the trip to Alaska plan on stopping to visit us in Mt.
Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forum! Hope you stick around and enjoy. We are south of you in Titusville, FL. We own a lot at The Great Outdoors and sometimes visit it. :) If you ever get down this way be sure to let us know.

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