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Sep 29, 2006
Edinburg Va

Hello, I 've been reading about inverters and have a few questions! Which one is the quietest? I read somewhere that the Mod ones are noisey, should that be a factor?? Is one or the other just the right one to buy for a MH?? We will not be long trip takers, just weekends mostly for now!! I've seen some with charger some without, is that as important when just going for a few days!!
I'm buying a 94 Pace Arrow? w/7000 Onan Marguis generator!! I know that it has two house batteries but no inverter so being new to all of this I assume those just operate the lights, but nothing else!!?

Thanks Randy
Inverters make little, if any, noise.  There is a fan but since the inverter is usually mounted in a bay, you shouldn't hear it at all.
Thanks Ned for the reply!! Which wattage and brand would you recommend ?? Also if your going to be where you can? operate your generator are they all that important to have??

Thanks randy
When they talk about "noise" of a modified sine wave inverter versus a pure sine wave inverter,  they are not talking about audible noise, but about electrical harmonic noise in the 110v output.  A modified sine wave inverter may introduce interference in sensitive electronic equipment like TVs, Radios or computers.  I have a 300W modified sine wave inverter, and it doesn't cause problems with my laptop or DVD player, but puts a some little noise in the TV. 
Just to confuse the issue, much of the electrical noise attributed to the modified sine wave inverters is really coming from the battery chargers.  Yes the MSW inverters do produce electrical noise but in my and many other RVs the worst offender is the battery charger.  I will also add the many solar controllers are electrically noisy too!!  :-((

BTW, if your inverter/charger is at fault in causing interference with others, YOU, not the manufacturer is responsible.  Thank you Feds!!
I don't know about that James... Battery chargers are, by their nature, not noisy devices (Baring switching supplies) I can not hear my converter/charger even on my most senesitive radio

But a modified sine wave inverter sounds (to my radios) like a buzz saw at about 1 foot.  I mean it's noisy,  Very noisy

My pure sine wave inverter .... Narry a blip on the radio dials.
Size of the needed inverter will depend on your power requirements when boondocking.  There is no one answer.  See this article in our library for some guidelines on selecting and installing an inverter.  The inverter and batteries are very closely tied and should be considered as a single system.

As to brand, Xantrex owns most of the brand names you will run into.
Thanks everyone for the input!! If I would get an inverter without a charger built in, does that mean that the shore power or the generator would be the source of charging?? Also how important is an auto switching box?? I see that there sold separately!

Thanks Randy
You will still need a charger for the batteries.  Whether it's part of the inverter or separate, it's still powered by shore or generator power.  A transfer switch is very convenient, allowing you to change from shore to generator power without doing anything.  Otherwise, you will have to plug the shore power cord into the generator when using it.
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