Irish First Time RVer's need Blue Ridge Mts. CG's

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Jun 8, 2005
We are travelling from Ireland and taking the first week of our vacation in a 35 foot R.V. in Georgia area.  We are collecting it in Atlanta and then heading to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a week staying at maybe two sites.  Can anyone recommend a fantastic site(s) in the Mountains with rivers, scenery etc. activities for kids, that would leave us with amazing lasting memories!

I also notice some sites don't allow alcohol or have curfews!  Is this normal?

Many thanks
Roscoe, welcome to our friendly forum. Planning on being a tinker for a week eh? Sounds like you have a great vacation planned. Who are you renting the RV from?

I'm not familiar with the Blue Ridge Mountains area, but I'm sure someone will be along with some suggestions. Since many of the folks here travel, you might need to check back a couple of times.

As for having to leave the Guiness behind, I haven't heard that one. I'd have thought it was against an Irishman's religion to stay in such a place. Haven't seen curfews per se either, although most campgrounds have "quiet hours" when you can't use your generator or blast out loud music.

So, are you from the south or the north? I'm originally from the other side of the Irish Sea - sunny south Wales.
Some campgrounds don't allow alcohol on the grounds, but if you keep it inside your RV, no one will bother you.  Most won't bother you if you keep it on your site and don't walk around the park with a drink.  Others don't care at all.
Some campgrounds do have "Quiet Hours" not a curfew as such but they don't want singing, music and other high noise adtivities after say 10 or 11pm or Midnight (depending on the place) you can still walk about and/or pull in/out, just be quiet (i know, hard for an irishman to be quiet but hey,  That's one of the things that make the Irish so much fun.. Oh if I were a younger man (There is a young lady at church, Very Irish,  But alas, she is 7 years younger than my daughter, she is also cute, well mannerd, and a fine sopranno, all good things)

You should not have any problems... And the blue ridge mountains...... One very nice place to visit, Been there a few times myself
John In Detroit said:
And the blue ridge mountains...... One very nice place to visit, Been there a few times myself

Any campgrounds you'd recommend to Roscoe? I think that was his question.
Thank you Gentlemen for your welcomes and delighted to hear that that I won't be cast adrift because I like a few beers in my R.V., after all isn't that what American Refridgerators are for....keeping your beer supply cold!

So that's one question answered, but the more important one is to find out one or two good sites approximately two hours north of Atlanta in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

All advice welcome!
Is the 2 hours firm? 

What do you want to be able to do?  What do your children like to do?  Do you like golf, hiking, boating, swimming, etc.?  Are the children into outdoor activities or are they looking for amusements and that type of activity? 

You have some restrictions since the only transport that you have is the RV.  We can help better with more information.

The two hours is not firm. We are all in to outdoor activities.  Myself and the children have done the Disney thing many times so this time we want mountains, fishing, walking, rivers, scenery, views and wildlife.

So if anyone knows of a site that we simply must visit in the Blue Ridge Area then your advice would be gratefully accepted.
Hi Roscoe
we stayed one night in this campsite on our way to canada.It was a newly aquired site and the new owners are improving it daily,plus the owners were some of the friendliest we have come across,must be something to do with being ex fulltimers.
Wythville KOA their website is  [email protected] or find them on you should find this site might fit your requirments

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