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John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
One hour later in fact... This is Spring Forward Weekend in those places that honor Dumb Stupi... Ur, Daylight Savings Time.

Yup, it's that magic weekend when 2:00AM Sunday magically becomes 3:00 am Sunday with no intervening minutes at all... My how time flies
For years I bragged about the fact that Indiana did not change clocks when DST was in effect. We stayed on the same time all year long, and despite the fact that the EST and CST line runs through Indiana we observed the same time (CST) throughout the whole state.
Well, our new Governor has decided that this has caused a loss of jobs for the state so we need to go back to observing DST. Now we have to change our clocks at 2AM tonight.
There has been such a heated debate over this change that it may well cost him the next election. Only in Indiana would people be infuriated over a time change.

Woody said:
Only in Indiana would people be infuriated over a time change.


Well Woody... I assume from my Dumb Stupid..ur, Daylight Savings, comment you know how I feel about it.

I'm from Michigan  And I remember when our government made the change... Had to go out and round up the cows (yes, I'm a genuine COW boy) one hour earlier I did
Hi John,

Most of the debate here is from the people that live in the general vicinity of Chicago, they enjoyed being on the same time as the Windy City most of the year. Our Governor, who used to be President Bushs' Budget Director (we know how well that worked out) felt that we need to be on EST so that our companies are on the same time as NY, Wash DC, etc.
That is supposed to generate tons of new jobs. I personally think its BS.
Heck, I'm retired now, I don't care what time it is, or even what day of the week.

I am in full agreement that DST is probably one of the most stupid thing forced on the american citizens because of some Dumbcoffs whim.  Like you we are retired and time isn't really that important but DST is just plain STUPID. :mad:
Woody said:
That is supposed to generate tons of new jobs. I personally think its BS.
Heck, I'm retired now, I don't care what time it is, or even what day of the week.

Believe it or not on the other place I posted my identical start of this thread (I mean cut and paste identical) I got flack.

To topic... Some time ago I suggested to my wife getting a clock for the Motor Home,,, instead of the usuall 12 numbers this clock just has 7 labels around the dial,,, Sunday, Monday.... and so forth

She said we did not need it

On our big trip we she had occasion to wish I'd bought that clock.. She forgot what day it was
I always loved DST. After work I could go and play at least 18 holes before it got dark. When I getup in the morning it's still cool and dark, great for exercising. Long live DST. Let's have it year round.  ;D
You are not the only retirees that tend to loose track of what day it is.  Like I said there are a few things you loose when you retire one being weekends since every day of the week is a weekend.  Makes it more difficult to keep track.
I like the idea of daylight savings time.  In fact, I think that IF our Government can actually manipulate time, then they should go right ahead and make each year 15 months long.  That would make me about 40 years old now.  I liked being forty.  Better yet, if we could get the Government to officially acknowledge "dog years" I would only be about seven.
But then I would have to ask myself. "do you really want to be that far from retirement"?
Hmmmm.  I just don't know.

Maybe we should just let the sun and the planets and forces much greater than Congress determine time.
I need to ponder this for awhile longer.  I just need an extra hour or so. ;D


by the way, my ten year old loves daylight savings time, and counts the days until it is here, so he can play outside longer with his friends, and go to bed later.  On school nights, I would be perfectly happy if it got dark at 4:30, so we could get to the business of doing homework and having dinner, and getting ready for the next day.
Ron said:
...we are retired and time isn't really that important
A local RV dealer with a good site has this to say in his hints for newbies:
"The van is packed, the car has been checked, the weather forecast is excellent and you are ready to start one of the greatest adventures of your life. A trip Around Australia!!! Complete in the knowledge, the biggest decision you will have to make is where to stop and for how long. Take time off to stop at the nearest river and drop your watch in. You are free to roam - so time doesn't matter."
And I like their way of thinking ;)

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