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Feb 15, 2006
San Diego
Hi, I am new here.  I am going to buy my first RV on Saturday (unless some one stops me!).  It will be a '98 33 foot Allegro Class A, which is longer than i want, but such a good deal.  I want to pull a trailer with toys to the dessert on some weekends, and spend others at the state beach with a book.  I still work full time, but i get out more than most.  I am not the greatest driver, so I am worried about pulling a trailer with quads and fuel and such behind such a long rig, but I hope to be OK.
Mostly, when I learned to ride a motorcycle years ago, folks moved out of my way when I strayed.  I hope this is still true many years later as I learn to drive my RV.  I am assuming the basic concepts still hold true...i.e., rubber side down.
Can't wait to get to know you folks, and share new experiences.

Hi Jozee and welcome to our forum. You should have no problems towing the trailer/quads behind that motorhome.
Hi Jozee,

Welcome to the forum. Be sure to ask any questions you might have and we'll try to give you the answers.

Allegro has a good reputation and the owner really cares about his customers. The product is as solid as any other motor home. Things will always go wrong but that's just the nature of the beast. You must remember you are moving a house down the road so stuff will happen.

You shouldn't have any trouble pulling a trailer. Once you get used to driving the coach you might just enjoy it a lot more than driving a car. I know I do!!! Just take your time and remember where the rear wheels are located. Making wider turns to the right are mandatory! Keep an eye on your mirrors as you turn the corners so you can see what the trailer is doing. I would practice in an empty parking lot, if you can find one.

Hi Jozee,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  After a little practice you will find that motorhome is very easy to drive.  Glad you found us.
Thanks for the feedback.  I go to test drive the RV tomorrow.  I have had a friend take a look at it and he says that there are breaks in the fiberglass on the roof (he says it looks like previous owners backed into a tree or worse), and that sections should be replaced and many seams need to be re caulked all around the rig.  Geez.  I never thought that I would have to be worried about the outside structure being water proof.  I was just going to have the engine, brakes, and plumbing checked.  Well, no harm yet.  I haven't even made an offer.  Everything hinges on what the dealership will correct before i take possession.  I have already decided I like the model and features, as long as everything is intact.
I am glad you guys think that i can drive this thing.  I will practice, for sure, before my first big highway trip.  I will let you know how my inspection and test drive goes tomorrow.  You may want to steer clear of highways around San Diego until I learn to drive.
Caulking seams is a way of life with an RV.  All that vibration and twisting as you drive down the road or level up in a campground has a way of separating the best made seam.

You will also learn to look UP a lot more than you ever do when driving a car. Those trees have a way of leaning right into an RV.

Outside caulking should be inspected yearly if not more often. The dealer certainly should fix any problems on the roof before anyone takes possesion. I'm glad you had someone check everything for you. It will save you headaches down the road.

You should have no problem driving any rig once you become used to the size. It won't take long! Good luck in your pursuit!!
If the breaks in the roof have been there for some time you will want to have it inspected for water intrusion and damage.  This might not be evident to a casual inspection and could be a costly repair.
Well, I bought the '98 Allegro.  The dealership agreed to all of the repairs that I requested, and is re-caulking most of the outside seams.  There is no water damage.  I checked inside every cabinet and at every corner and next to every rooftop fan and ac unit, top and bottom.  It is all dry as a bone, with nary a stain nor warp. The dealership is also repairing the cracked fiberglass that my friend found, and the broken ladder that I discovered when I went up to see for myself.  I am already learning lessons as a first time buyer.  I was well informed about what the rig was worth, and got a good price, but did not even think about researching warranties.  The sales guy convined me that I needed to buy a warranty on the spot, or forever hold my piece.  He actually said that you cannot buy a warranty for a used RV once it leaves the lot.  Like an idiot, I bought not one, but TWO warranties (one for the tires called Tire Guard...more like a road side service contract), and a 36 month 36000 mile warranty for the coach for almost 5k.  Of course, I got home and did some research and found out that my own insurance company offers the same service that Tire Guard offers and it is included in my plan, and that the "bumper to bumper" warranty was double the price of what I could get it for on line.  I called the dealership and told them that I wanted to cancel both contracts.  I met some resistance (to put it mildly), but stood my ground, and they rewrote the contract and the financing, without the warranties.  Well, not exactly.  When I returned, the tire guard portion was gone, but the service warranty's price was still there, but lowered by 50%.  Same coverage that was offered to me two days before, but for half the price.  HA.  I took it.  Warranty Experts offered the same price, which is what I quoted to the dealer.  I stayed with the dealers plan, but had to jab him a little about the gouging.  Well, that is is for this weeks saga.  The RV is at the service center getting the repair.  If this RV forum has a topic for single women buying RV's for the first time, I sure want to go there, so I can avoid more mistakes.  If not, maybe I should start one.  This is the beginning of a very long trip.
by the way, I have already started collecting things from the checklists that I found in the Library.  They are great!!  I also found the  most common RV goof section very helpful.
Welcome Jozee,

My husband and I have been rving for 34 years and love it. I can't speak to the whole towing thing, but I know you will love it.

We have just retired and plan to be gone for the better part of the next 5 months. Hot diggity dog!
First of several trips begins next Tuesday to Scottsdale AZ for 4 dog shows. Then another couple of trips.

We bring the rig home from storage on Saturday, drain the antifreeze and get her packed.

Do enjoy and welcome to the forum.

Hi Jozee,
Just wanted to compliment you on your handling of the warranty purchase. Doing your homework (even after the fact) is a smart move and sticking to your guns with the dealer obviously payed off well for you.  The $2500 price is probably reasonable for a 5 year plan on a used rig.

It's unfortunate that the RV industry seems to attract so many slick salesmen but its a fact of life. Remember that in your future dealings, whether for another Rv or some component, accessory or service.  Be skeptical, ask questions and do some research (right here is a good place for advice) before you sign up for any good deal or repair.

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