I've picked a 5th wheel hitch!

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Sep 17, 2006
Victoria, B.C. Canada
After doing a lot of research on this forum, other Internet sites, suppliers, visiting several RV lots and talking to anyone I have run across who has a 5er hitch, I have made a decision on which hitch to buy - the Hijacker USP-16. This is the 16K ultra-slide, double-pivot hitch that mounts across the bed.? It has a very easy to use mechanism for sliding the hitch back into maneuver mode - no pins to pull and is very easy and quick to do - at least in the showroom it was.

Thanks for everyone on this forum who has posted their comments and questions about 5er hitches.? I've searched the forum and read as many of them as I can.? They were a great help in my coming to the choice I made.? I really liked the Reese sliders, and of course, the Pull-rite too.? I just was not able to justify the high cost of the Pull-rite now as I stil have too many other things to buy to get my RV rolling(oh yeah, forgot to mention my truck is still being built on order and I dont' have a 5th wheel yet! :D).

But, I like being prepared and ready to go!? My Silverado Duramax CC/SB is scheduled for delivery here in mid-November and I am already starting to get itchy feet!? Why the Hijacker?? First, I liked how well-built, solid and strong it seems.? I also was really impressed with, and liked, the solid bar that securely locks the king pin in place.? Once that baby's latched - it's latched.? It just seemed a bit more secure than some of the 'jaw-type' latches I looked at.? I know that a visual inspection and pull-test are still requirements.? And, importantly too, was the cost.? I can get this hitch installed here for about $1,200CDN - close to the Reese and a few other hitches, but a lot less than the $3,600(CDN) for the pullrite.? Interestingly, Hijacker has just introduced a automatic sliding hitch similar to the Pull-Rite which they are selling for $2,100(CDN) but, I again decided to opt for the regular slider.

Another reason is that about halfway thru investigating hitches I discovered, to my complete surprise, that Hijacker is a local Victoria, B.C. company.? I had never heard of them before.? While this was not the determining factor in my decision it did play some part both from a 'loyalty' and a 'convenience' point of view.? It's kind of nice to know that if I have any problems that can't be resolved by a dealer, I can always drive right to the manufacturer's site to have the problem checked out.? Hijacker is apparently pretty receptive to customers and does give tours of the plant to anyone who is interested - time permitting of course.

So, the place I bought the hitch is going to hold it for me and install it when my Silverado arrives.? Now, I have to continue to research and look at 5th wheels so I can hopefully be 'on the road' early in the new year.


Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Thanks for the report on Hiijacker. Glad to hear there is an good, reasonably priced alternative to the very expensive Pullrites.

Once you get it installed and a few trips under your belt, we would appreciate hearing further about your experience with this hitch.


Aug 31, 2006
Bluffdale, UT
Just make sure the truck, hitch, and pinbox combination is compatible. My in laws just had a "new" brand of 5er hitch installed and you can't slide it back without hitting the tailgate. Problem soved with a 5er tailgate though. I went with the Reese Quick Slide and installed it myself. Still experimenting with turning radius etc. Same truck you have. Another thing I noticed after installing mine and looking at dealer installed units. I don't think the guys read the directions, they just put them in the easiest way, which is not always the best. I saw several shortcuts they took on my in laws hitch install.

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