Jack's Computer has a Real annoyance in Taskbar. How to get Rid of it?

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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Howdy. Framily.
In the taskbar of Jack's computer, there lurks an icon that is a large yellow question mark. Every so often, a message balloon pops up stating:

"System detected virus activities. They may cause critical system failure. Please use AntiSpyware  software to clear and protect your system from parasite programs. Click this balloon to get all available software."

If one clicks this balloon, one gets taken to the Virusbursters' webpage.  We have run XoftSpy to get rid of this annoyance but XoftSpy doesn't see it as a threat. Our antivirus program scan doesn't catch this problem, either. How do we get rid of this question icon and its' accompanying message balloon?

Jack and Liz
Do a Google search on Virusbursters and see what turns up.  I did that and found several references to how to remove it.
had that icon too. Then I changed from IE6 to FF. I am using SpyBot, HiJackThis, SpywareBlaster, AdAware and SpywareDoctor - and my computer is clean since then.
I'm so well versed on computers and so smart< I didn't even think nor know of Virusbusters.  Now that I've looked it up  I'm totally confused.  I'll let you guys that know what you are doing handle that stuff.  Not me  cause I'd problably split the computer in half with an axe after trying to figure it out.
A big THANK YOU to all that replied to our request for help. We are working on it.

;D  ;D

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