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Aug 16, 2005
Northern Saskatchewan, Canada
Anyone ever been up there? It is located in Northern Saskatchewan Canada (about an hour or less southwest of Flin Flon Manitoba)

Anyway, I'll be heading up there August 26-31 for a couple days of fishing with my family. I haven't been there for a couple years now (I used to go with my dad and uncle when I was in gr.2 - gr.8. but haven't been since gr.8 because of final exams in high school are right around the time we usually go).
So anyway, I'll be headed up there, I'm hoping the weather is decent. Just wanting to know if anyone has ever been there before, etc...

We'll be staying at the Jan Lake Lodge campground. They also have cabins for rent there, I've stayed in both, and don't care either way, I'm just anxious to get up there before my final year of high school starts in September.

If anyone is interested in some pictures of the lodge/lake/cabins/campground/etc. you could probably find some at http://www.janlakelodge.com  Oh, I'm not trying to give them publicilty, just if anyone is interested in some pictures that's where you can find some :D

OH I can wait to get up there!!!

- Jeff L.
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