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Jan 12, 2011
Hagerman, Idaho
I am not a photographer Tom, I am happy enough to just point and click the picture. My wife and I love the picture of your cat and the mouse.
Here are a few pictures from our front and back doors. Been snowing very lightly all day and the temp is 18 right now.



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I was going to take a picture or 2 from the patio but you showed our area quite well, snow and cold!  Much the same here except right now I can't see the mountains as they are getting more  snow.  The skiers will love it!
What is that white stuff all over the ground? Did someone have a pillow fight?

Thanks for the compliment. I forgot to mention Cleo and the mouse. About three months ago I bought a 97 cent stuffed mouse at Walmart and brought it home to give to my kitty. I tossed it to her and she brought it back and dropped it at my feet and sat there waiting. So I tossed it again. She brought it right back. Ever since then I have to throw the mouse for her about a hundred times a day. She thinks she is a Golden Retriever. Too funny. And if I try and ignore her she gets as close to me as possible, paws at me and gives me the most mournful cry you have ever heard coming out of a kitten. 
My niece has a kitten that behaves exactly the same way - except she'll initiate the game, bringing you one of her toys to throw.  If you ignore her, she'll plop herself on one or the other of your feet (she's too small to straddle both) until you notice her.

Shannan found the kitten out back, stuck in a shallow well.  She fished her out, brought her inside and made the kitten comfortable.  That cat knew a good thing when she found it, and a couple of days later Shannan and kitty were lying in bed when Mama cat started meowing outside.  The kitten perked up her ears, looked around for the sound, looked back at Shannan and promptly went back to sleep.
Lou - I only initiated the game the very first time. Since then she brings me the mouse endlessly. Some times I have to put it away so I can get some peace and quiet. I have heard of other cats that also love to retrieve. My other two cats look at Cleo like she is nuts.
SeilerBird said:
She would love it 8)

Fetchem up Cleo, get the birds!


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Well that sounds a lot like me. I have been sleeping a ton lately too, I had lower back surgery last Friday. Here are a few more pictures for ya. I took these this morning at 9:00. Temp is a wonderful 5 degrees. Suppose to get up to 18 today. I like this time of year because we get the freezing fog that sticks to the trees. These trees are about 500 feet across the Snake River from my house. Just thought I would share them, I think is it kinda cool. LOL


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