Jayco Eagle vs Keystone Mountaineer

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Sep 25, 2005
My husband and I are purchasing our first TT. We plan to park it in an RV park, not tow it anywhere. (We don't even have a towing vehicle.) Our children are also getting TTs to locate in same RV park. So we are looking forward to being all together.

We live in cold weather country so the TT will not be used until next spring. We are thinking of buying now because we think the price quotes that we have are very good on the remaining 2005s. We are also concerned with the availability of TTs next spring after FEMA.

There are very few to choose from, but we found two that we think will be comfortable: a Jayco Eagle 308FBS and a Keystone Mountaineer 330RKBS. Both have slideouts in the living area and the Mountaineer has a slideout in the bedroom. Does anyone have advice, quality concerns, etc?

We know nothing other than what I learned from reading this forum. BTW, the forum is great.

Thanks for any input.
We were under the impression that park models cost considerably more than TTs. Am I wrong about this?

Do not know, not having been in the market myself.  All I can say is see if they fill your bill and price them out.  TT's will have a bunch of things that you will not need like black, grey, and freshwater tanks, batteries and 12 volt lighting, converters, and wiring.  Some of these things like the black tanks and batteries will require maintenance or operating considerations you may not want to put up with.


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