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Sep 11, 2010
Ever since we bought our 2010 Jayco Melbourne 26A we have had problems.  First trip we could not get gas to go in because it kept stopping/turning off every 3 seconds.  It would take us about 20-30 min. to fill up.  The company came to pick it up to take it back and fix the problem.  Next we had the shower leak water under the wall into the dinnette area, leaked water under fridge and needed a new toilet on the next trip.  Assorted small things also on that trip.  On this trip (which we are on right now) so far the steps have frozen and not worked, paid Camping World (crooks) 68.00 to hit the motor with a hamer and say they diagnosed the problem but couldn't fix it because it took a week or 2 to order the motor.  The next few days we had problems with the TV's not working.  Stopped at another Camping World to have it fixed, which they said they had done.  We did get antenna TV but not cable.  Paid 138. and 100 miles down the road same problem occurred.  Another waste of good money.  Arriving in Truth or Conquences, NM the manager of the park said he knew of a good repairman who would come to the park to fix the problem.  He was wonderful and fixed the problem (a loose wire that was not tightened when manufacturing).  He only charged 50.  Another 150 miles down the road and the front TV is not working, not getting signal, had picture but it just went off.  I will wait a while and try it again.  I'm so sick of this lemon of an RV I may stop at the manufacturing place in Indiana.  We can't take a trip without some problem.  Anybody else have trouble with Jayco?
Ummm... I've got a 2000 Jayco Eagle 296 FBS Travel trailer. I bought it used 3 years ago and never really had any issues at all. Everything works good and I do all my own maintenance on the travel trailer and my vehicle. So yeah I've had a few small issues like finding a small water leak (plumbing issue), sail switch on the heater bound up, replace a set of brakes on the axle and packed bearing, change tires, and 1 roof leak that I fixed. Other than that I just got home this morning from staying 4 days in my Jayco at the Salmon River Jet Boat Races... I was one of the crew on a safety boat.

I have a 2012 Jayco T29A that I bought new in December 2011. I have the very same problem with filling the 2 fuel tanks on it. The one time I filled the tanks (haven?t used it enough last year to run out more than one tankful) it took 40 minutes to pump 30 gallons. The station attendant came out to see why I was blocking his pumps for so long. I haven?t diagnosed that problem yet due to winter being slow to leave. My shower enclosure leaks water around the base due to terrible workmanship. I?ve fixed that for the most part but the shower door sweep tore off and I haven?t found a replacement. The home improvement stores have nothing to fit and Camping World doesn?t carry anything. The guy there told me to try the factory. Yeah, right. The tongue jack broke on the 3rd trip out. The dealer gave me a new one to install myself. I still have a couple of other things to fix/improve on. I don?t have the patience to take it to the dealer for warranty work. I just figured I?d do things my way. I?m a retired mechanic. I ripped Jayco pretty hard on the last ?customer satisfaction? survey they sent. I don?t expect to hear anything in response.
They will take it back to the factory for the gas problem.  They wanted me to drive it to Indiana and I refused so they came and got it.  Take out your valuables.  They had to live the whole body off the chassis, crimped lines somewhere.  I've just had one problem after another and I'm getting fed up.  Now my front TV just stopped working.  It's only 3 years old for heavens sake. 
I?ll crawl under it and see (and hope) if I can fix it myself. Giving it back to the factory 1500 miles away for however long doesn?t appeal to me. We want to use it as much as possible this summer. My wife loves the layout and it goes down the road behind my truck quite easily. It must have been built on a Friday or a Monday?..
Unfortunately yes I had lots of problems with my Jayco 19RD TT. The good was I didn't have a lot of money tied up and was able to trade it off. From the posts I have seen on several forums Jayco usd to build a great quality RV but recently their workmanship has really gone down downhill. I never could get Jayco to repair anything under warranty. My Jayco almost burned up due to bad wiring. Fortunately we were present at the time it occurred. Never did get the leaks fixed. Pretty good re-sale though.
Gas tank filling problem.

That problem may not be just a Jayco problem. It may be a Ford problem & in many new MHs. I had the problem in my new Monaco. Because MHs are wide the hose from the filler neck to the tank is quite long. .Some hose & some metal tubing. The hose collasped so fuel would not go into the tank. Monaco sent me to Sportsmanrv in Salt Lake. They fabricated a metal bracket to hold that hose up. I haven't had any more problems filling with fuel. The hose is too long to be self supporting. Only took them a couple of hours to fix it. Most of that time was waiting for warranty approval. Jayco doesn't like to pay so they will make it a factory repair. JMHO
Years ago I had a problem with filling the fuel tank on a Bounder. It turned out the air relief tube was full of fuel so the air in the tank could not escape. After clearing the fuel and fixing the sag in the air line, I never had another problem.

I talked to the service manager at the dealer I bought my trailer from. He had seen one instance where the fuel filler hose had become soft and swollen inside, restricting fuel flow. I pulled the one-foot-long fuel filler hoses off both fuel tanks. Sure enough, both hoses were closed off. The inside layer was soft and expanded. After the hoses had been dried out for an hour they started to open up. I attached a photo that shows the inside of the hose. Not a very good view but will give you an idea of the problem.


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Looks like Jayco used a regular water hose for the filler extension instead of one that's fuel rated.  Even though the hose shrunk when it dried out, it will just swell again when it's exposed to gasoline.

Definitely a factory goof.
It was regular 2? fuel hose, labeled as such. The only replacement the local hose vendor had was the exact same hose. He had never seen that hose do that. I thought maybe ethanol was the problem but he said the hose was rated for it. It took a year to fail so I?ll see how it goes this year.
Some folks have had success in putting a spring inside the hose to prevent collapse.  My old international had a spring inside the fuel hose.

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