Jayco Trailer - can you help identify the model?

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Nov 25, 2012
Hi.  I am new to this.  Just purchased a (very) used Jayco Trailer.  Going to put this on some land that I own, and use it for camping from time to time.

It has a bathroom, and small kitchen.  However, I do not have an owners manual nor can I identify the model of the trailer either.  I'm struggling with the water, septic, and heating systems.  And, would like to read up on them before I experiment too much. 

Can you help me identify the model?  From that, I am sure I can google the instruction manuals.  I'm attaching several photos.

thank ou.


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Welcome to the forum.

It looks like it could be a 1971 Jayco Skylark - how long is it?  The front looks very much like this one - http://burlington.craigslist.org/rvs/3405090363.html.  The manuals will not help you much.  What are you struggling with?  Asking specific questions appropriately placed in the forum will be more helpful than any manual you will ever find.

Hi Sledwith - Welcome to The RV Forum!

Even if you could find the original manual, it probably wouldn't tell you very much.  Most trailer manuals of that period were pretty sparse, usually little more than a collection of the instructions provided by the maker of each appliance.

Fortunately, most RVs are pretty similar to one another as far as their basic systems are concerned.  Ask away and I'm sure you'll find the information you need right here.
Thanks everybody, for being so open and helpful for a newbie.

Let's start with the plumbing.  Are these meant to be hooked up to an H2O supply?  Or, is there some sort of holding tank for clean water?

I find underneath what I believe is a holding tank for gray/black water.  But, don't see anything for the clean H2O?  Initially I thought it might be fed by gravity, and mounted somewhere "high" on the trailer?

That will get me going in the right direction.  Any input?

Thanks a lot - I'm sure I'll have more questions as I tinker with this.

Most units that I have seen the fresh water tank is under a bed/couch/dinette. It may have a 12 volt pump to move the water to the different taps.
I have seen ones that do not have a pump and have a hand operated pump on the sink and a small, maybe 5 to 10 gallon "jug" under the sink for fresh water. but usually these are the ones without a bathroom.

the water tank will NOT be up high. it would make it too hard to fill. the pic of the side is kind of faraway and I can't tell what kind of access panels there maybe. most water fill either a city supply or fresh water holding tank will be on the drivers side or rear of the trailer.

Most utility hookups are on the street (left) side of RVs.  You'll probably have a fitting where you can connect a garden hose to use pressurized city water directly and a fill port for the onboard fresh water tank.  The fill port may be elsewhere on the RV, depending on where the tank is located.  Usually it's under a bed, couch or dinette seat.

The tank isn't pressurized, water is sent through the system by a 12 volt pump.  It's automatic like the one on a well.  It comes on when the system pressure drops (when you open a faucet) and shuts off when pressure is restored (the faucet is turned off).  There should also be an on-off switch inside the house so you can keep it from coming on when you're using city water.

Both the pump and the city water inlet have built-in check valves, so water won't flow backwards through them when the system is pressurized via the opposite source.
It's really hard to see, but is that a FWT fillport I see about 10-12" below the side window toward the front of the TT?
The old style fillport with the little locking lever you flip off to the side to unlock, and then flip up the cover and fill from the top?  It kind of blends in with the tan coloring of that paint job.  It would make sense assuming the dinette is in the nose of the TT and the FWT would be mounted under the bench seat.

I am assuming the manufacturers plate is gone or can't be read anymore.
We really need some more pics of the floorplan/layout and of specific appliances included in the TT.

I am hoping however, judging by the exterior paint job, that this TT hasn't been butchered and used strictly for a hunting trailer.  We see alot of these type of hunting trailers only used in the Fall and Winter up here in MI.  Tanks are removed and space is used for storage.  The only things necessary for a hunting trip are lights, heat, and a deck of cards.  Some bottled water is only needed to wash down the aspirin with for the hangover, and beer is used for the brushing of teeth.

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