Jeep Grand Cherokee Suspension

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Jan 25, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
My TV is a 2004 4.7 Jeep Grand Cherokee, towing a 22' TT with the following approx weights:

TT Weight (Loaded) 5600 lb
Ball Weight? 520 lb

Being from 'Downunder' I'm not sure of your terminology for TT weights.? The 5600 lb loaded weight is the all-up weight of the TT (with gas water and personal effects) including the weight on the jockey wheel.?? ?Empty weight of the TT is approx 4800 lbs. We call this the 'Tare' weight. Is this GVW?

I carry up to 160 lbs in the rear of the TV and can level the TT and TV using a weight distribution hitch but have been thinking about 'assisting' the suspension by either: adding airbags or uprating the standard springs.? Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome.? The Jeep is built in Europe and imported to Australia and I'm pretty sure that it has the same or very similar specs to the USA model.


UVW (unloaded vehicle weight) is essentially the tare weight. Check out our Glossary of RV terms.

GVW would include all the other stuff you load in the trailer.
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