Journey Dishwasher?

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Jan 16, 2013
Can a dishwasher be installed in a Winnebago Journey? I don't see it listed as an option, so I a wondering if it's possible?

Thank you!

If it wasn't listed as an option, then there is no prep for it - no power, water, drain.  No doubt you could install one or have it installed though, just wouldn't be as simple as if it was already prepped.
I don't think it would be that bad. It probably plumb into the kitchen sink lines, the water is there already, and you would just need to pull power to the location.  Just find the space for it would be the starting point.
You can always tell your DW how beautiful she is --- then she;ll be happier doing dishes. It's a lot cheaper and less work. Lie if you have to. Ha
I took mine out of my Horizon, found that it ruined the paper plates.  Replaced it with a wine cellar which makes my chief dish washer more compliant.  Fortunately she doesn't read this forum.

Don, WIT 70041
Max, your method is much more subtle than mine.
I don't need to take on a maid either.

Actually my first take on the subject was, "Dishwasher in a MH, now I've heard it all".
Don - you're bad  :p

When we ordered our Horizon dear wife could pick whatever galley option she wanted - dishwasher, oven or drawers in that space.  She wanted the storage space.  No regrets from either of us.
Not hard to do at all. Put one in my coach a few years ago. Took about 4 hours over a few days. I can put up some pictures if you would like to see them? Goodluck
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