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John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Well, I am currently enjoying one of the pleasures (Really) of owning a Class A even though I'm home, in bed, watching tv and typing on the computer.

You see... Power is out on this block, so I'm the ONLY one at home watching tv and typing on the computer courtisy of Mr. ONAN and the class A's generator.

And I don't even have the proper cord for my E-panel yet (Doing it the hard way) will be easier after I pick up 2 more connectors and make the final extension cord.

Only problem is I"m a bit low on fuel, but I should have enough to last the night (Even if I need to plug in a heater) and the generator is basically loafing along running a 'fridge, freezer, two DVR's and one each television computer.

Oh yes... Internet... My wireless house hold wireless router has shut down due to lack of power.. So has the DSL modem.  (one, or both of these is not on the UPS, which will have shut down by now anyway, (Shutting off the assoicated computer by remote)

However the DW-7000 in the motor  home is not affected by mains blackouts, it's on the Prosine inverter and it's assoicated router is not strong here in the house... but it's useable, just
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