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      Is the photo addition listed under Additional Options?  If so, I'll try one.


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Not much photo opportunities today.  Have had 1/4 inch of rain and still raining.  With this additional rain the desert will bloom even more.
It rained pretty good overnight here in Anza Borrego too. Supposed to be "heavy rain" today, showers tomorrow.

Had more people stop by to see the 3-D TV dish. Sent them Glenn's way because they're on their way down to Qz and Yuma.

BTW Ron, where did you get the inline gizmo that powers the LED?
Glenn is at the Az market every Thur through Sun here in Yuma til they go to the Escapade in Imperial.  So your 3D TV is getting some interest eh.

The LED gizmo was given to me by a freind that knew I was looking for one.  I'm not sure he has any more but will ask.  Got it set up so it lights up the whole dish.  I will be making a more permanent installation when the MH roof drys out.  Have had a total of 0.32 inches since yesterday evening with 0.27 in of that today.  More moisture more blooms in the desert.

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