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Sep 1, 2018
We have a 2005 Fleetwood Terra 26 Q and are starting figure everything out.  We have the fridge running. Getting ready to put water in. Discovered a red switch on the front of the cabinet beside the range. Does not appear to have anything to do with the range. The burners light. Wondering if anyone has any ideas?  It does not light up it just has a red metal case. the part you flip is black, like a light switch. Can't find anything in the books about it. Cruised youtube looking at videos of interiors and haven't seen one with a switch like that.
Hopefully someone with the same make/model will jump in. Meanwhile, could it be the water pump switch?
I have a random switch too lol, the guy I bought it from didn't have a clue what it went to when I asked. Mine is in a different location though. I bought my regular house over 15 years ago and still have a switch that we never figured out lol
Hi all, thanks those of you that responded so quickly.  I took another look at the switch, it is red and appears to be the kind that does light up. Except, it doesn't.  On the panel that shows the levels of water, LP and batteries, there is a water heater switch and a tank heater switch. Tried flipping the switch when the water heater switch was on but nothing changed with the switch. The water in the hot water taps seemed to be getting warm. Tomorrow I will try to find out what the tank heater switch does, I'm just too tired to look anymore today.The manuals are not very clear. We are trying to learn about everything before we head out for a short shake down trip. Thanks all for sharing your wisdom and expertise. Really appreciate it.

youtube to the rescue. My hubby just discovered the tank heater is to keep the holding tanks from freezing in cold weather!  I hope I never go anywhere that cold again. We moved to Florida from Canada to skip the winters.

Still  need to find out what the red switch is for.....

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