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Aug 9, 2013
Hello. I joined the forum and was invited to introduce myself. I retired from the private practice of law on December 31, 2012 after more than 33 years. I now live with my wonderful spouse full time at our house in Central Oregon. We will be renting a Pleasure Way Excel from a dealership in Junction City and traveling through some of the West for three weeks in September. If, as I assume, we find the experience to our liking (both of us have camped and hiked for many years), I will explore purchasing a used Class B RV. My research suggests the best fit would be a Pleasure Way Ascent or Plateau. I welcome any suggestions on both our 3 week trip or my prospective purchase. Thanks.
Welcome.  Hiking Zion NP and Brice Canyon can take more than thee weeks each.  But my first visit was just a day for each, which is why I've been back twice already and still not scratched the surface.  But I really enjoy hiking there.  Google Angles Landing in Zion NP.  There are some good videos of the hike, that would be a good hike for the day, then you can spend the rest of the day planning out your next visit.  Enjoy your trip.
Hello and welcome to The RV Forum.

I would be very surprised if after three weeks in a class B RV you still have an interest in purchasing one.  Besides the obvious, there is very little storage in a class B.  Three weeks on the road generally dictates the need for more than just a tooth brush and a razor.

Not knowing you I could be wrong but I'm betting that you fall in love with the RV life style and will soon be in the market for something larger.  Probably a class A.

Please feel comfortable asking questions or seeking advice here.  We tend to be pretty friendly and we enjoy helping others.

Welcome aboard!
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