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Aug 9, 2006
Hello to all of you from beautiful Vancouver Island!
We are the proud owners of a 1990 Southwind (3 Years ) and a 92 Tracker.
We Love to travel, but spend most of our time Summers here on the Island and Winters in Mexico.
I ,Rob will be reading as much of your material as I can trying to pickup the latest Tips and Tricks!
Hi Rob,

Welcome to the forum.

We're across the Straits in Sechelt. Where are you folks on the Island?

We also have a 1990 rig--Winnebago Elandan.


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Hi Patty,

Looking at your interests, "must sees" in Vancouver might be the science museum, and other museums; in Victoria, on Vancouver Island (not clear if youmeant Vancouver or Vancouver Island) the museum of natural history.

However, if you're going to be a tourist, then Stanley Park in Vancouver and Butchart Gardens not far from Victoria would make for pleasant visits.


We live at/on the shores of Sproat Lake! Which if anyone wants to find ,is very near Port Alberni.

SHH! we don't want too many people to discover us though, as it might drive up the cost of Land! ???

  Also the stores might decide to open late , then all H would happen! We probably have the quietist Walmart on the Planet and word out there says that Starbucks are coming soon. They sell Coffee I have heard and that might wake up this Sleepy Little Place too! ;D ;D
Colorado Chick said:
Doug, we were thinking of finding a spot to park and take off in the truck for day trips.
Any recomendations for camp and places to visit, my hubby is bringing along his float boat.  Patty

Hi Patty,

Gosh I'm no help here.  We're in a 32ft class-A and when we stay in Vancouver we stay at the BCRV park which is really quite central within metropolitan Vancouver--but a bit expensive according to others who have checked it out.  I've no idea where you'd go to do what with your boat.

When are you going to be up here?  My wife and I are off to Victoria on Saturday for a week--staying a hotel while I do some work since our rig is still in sick bay.


looks like we wount be in that area untill  the end of August or first of September

If, as we get closer to that time, it seems that you may have time for a mini-rally, let me know.  We could be in the Vancouver area around then.


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