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Apr 9, 2005
Benson , AZ.
Now thet I know what the actula unit is, anyone know anything pro or con on this?  I looked around for some reactions and saw some folks had issues with KZ on another branded RV.  I also saw a comment on an Ultra which was very favorable.  How about here? 
We've have 3 k-z products. 1995 28' travel travel, 1997 28' new vision ultra 5'er, and now a 2003 33' new vision ultra. We have had very good luck with k-z and have an excellent rv dealer here in Mich. They will stand behind their product. If something is broke or goes wrong, they will fix it, or make it right. Be reasonable with them, and they will be reasonable with you.

Thank you.  We have our eyes on a 03 34' New Vision Ultra.  Has an island with the sink in the kitchen, makes very nice use of counterspace.  I had a chance to see it, my wife only saw the pictures, but it is one sweet unit.  Seems to have a lot of the premium features based on the new option list. 
I was pretty impressed with the Ultra, Corain countertops, lots of premium extras.  I haven't looked at the Escalade, haven't seen a dealer yet. 

Real nice to hear of actual experience with a model from someone.

When we want to see new stuff, we drive to the factory in shipshewanna. The're usually open until noon on saturdays.

Here's the KZ owners forum, you might be able some more info.


We have a K-Z Escalade 36KS, 36-ft. triple slide.  Only had it about two months.  Great unit with quality workmanship throughout.  Only problem we've had so far, besides some small minor things, were the tires. K-Z put Nankang "E" rated tires on it. Tires keep losing air.  Found out that "E" rated tires can't handle the weight of the Escalade.  We were told to contact K-Z and they would make good on the problem since they are aware that the "E" rated tires are blowing out as soon as they heat up on the road.  K-Z was more than happy to change out our tires and wheels for us.  We don't have them yet, but they assure us they are sending them to our dealership.  Hope they hurry up.  We can't use the Escalade until we get new tires as it's not safe.  We are itching to take it out now that the weather is getting nice.  We will be living in it for a couple months while we relocate, then full-timing it beginning summer of 2007.  Hope we have our new tires by then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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