Keeping critters out during long term storage

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Mar 27, 2012
Hi guys-

Here's the plan that was hatched behind my large sloping forehead.  We have a little piece of land that I'm thinking we could put a fifth wheel (or large TT) on and use it as the get away "cabin".  The land is in the northwest mountains of Virginia.  The plan is we'd be up there about once a month, sometimes every other month and less so come winter time.

Need some help with ideas on the best way to go about long term storage or long term placement of a trailer on open land.  I don't know the best way to keep out mice, bugs, raccoons, squirrels, etc.

There is power, water, septic on site, but for the most part it's just an open area in the trees.

Thanks in advance for any advice or ideas, or even if the whole idea is nuts  :eek:
Nothing wrong with the idea. But keeping the critters out will be tough. Like with my Jayco I had to do some investigation of where everything came up through the floor. (Plumibing, gas lines, electrical 12 VDC and 120 VAC, etc) Now take silicone and expanding foam and seal these gap from the inside. Now you got to get out and get under the RV and find all the holes and seal the holes from the outside. Like I HAD mice getting into my RV and found the holes in the frame where they where coming through and fill them with expanding foam. Another thing once mice and other animals find a way in they use scent to go back and forth so if one finds a way then all of them fall the same trail in. So your best at stopping them completely instead of baiting or trapping.

I'm now into my 4th month mouse free!  8)
Ditto previous post (Hey, Mike),

I have been doing the same as you are asking for quite some time now.  The trick is to seal all points of entry for those pesky critters.  Both inside and out.  And keep in mind mice do have some pretty good "choppers" in their mouth to chew their way through just about all but concrete and metal.  It just takes some time and effort to keep the little buggers from getting inside. 

I have a problem with field mice where my TT is parked.  BUT, the bigger problem is insects being in the woods.  They can get in anywhere.  We are talking ants, spiders, bees, and the like.  All managable with proper care and maintenance. 

Whatever your "large sloping forehead" intrigues you to think about is not crazy.  It's very doable.  I have been doing the same thing on acreage for going on 20 years.  Talking western MI.  I got a hint what cold is.  ;)
Where you want to park the RV will make a difference on a whole slew of conditions.  You surely will want to consider and inquire about those conditions before diving into a commitment.  But generally speaking, your idea is not "nuts" and out of reach.  It's just that certain extra precautions need to be taken to protect yourself and your RV from critters being a parked RV, as opposed to traveling down the road.
Thanks denmarc!  8)

Like you I've got field mice everywhere outside. But none inside the house or RV anywhere. Bad part I found out once a mouse has made his way into your home or RV the scent is left for others to follow. This why I suggest against the trapping and poison baits. Because now all your doing is baiting in more and more on the same scent trail.

As for another product that works awesome but no longer made that I know of...
Supplies:  (MICE CONTROL)
Step 1--3/16" Metal Fabric, looks like heavy Zinc coated window screen with larger pattern squares.
Step 2--            Self tapping 1/2" (Zinc coated screws)
Step 3--            Metal snips
Step 4--            Mechanics or leather gloves.

Start by cutting 2" wide by 12" long strips of metal fabric,  cut about 10 ribbons of it.
crawl under your camper and look for gas line openings, electrical, water, drain for refrigerator, wheel wells, etc... Now wrap the (ribbon) around the pipe, elec. wire, opening(s), drain(s) which are extending out the under belly (under the camper).  Press the fabric out  against the floor to form a sort of funnel shape and flat against the under belly and around the pipe, drain etc...of the camper floor.  one screw will hold the fabric in place and mice cant chew threw it and it wont rust and probably last 20 plus years...or more. 
For bugs, buy dog Flea collars.  Place one in every accessible compartment (outside access)  (IE) refrigerator control panel, hot water heater panel, generator storage area, etc.... and bugs, bees, no-see-ums, etc will keep away for up to 6 months, oh and flies and fleas  hate the smell too.  Your camper would be best placed on washed rock or pea gravel to keep the grass from growing underneath.    Mice, snakes, bugs etc. like the shade, cover and protection from weather.  You get the benefit of not having to mow under your camper too,  and able to keep it clean from brush etc..  Hope this helps, It's worked for me for 5 years going on 6.  Another tip is if you (heavily sprinkle) Comet brand or Ajax brand  cleanser with bleach around the campers tires, tongue jack and  stabilizer jacks, and on the grass free  hard ground surface you made (wash rock), you will find the mice cant stand the bleach in the Comit/Ajax and will leave your piece of paradise alone.  pm me if you have ant questions.  Metal fabric is available at farm and home supplies, hardware (Ace) store, ranch supply stores etc.....  RR.
Now there is an idea I don't think I have heard before...
Using dog flea collars to repel insects.  I just may have to check into that!  I am constantly battleing against Bald-Faced Hornets getting into my outside access covers to the fridge, water heater, etc.
They get into the AC cover big time!  I usually have to wait until Fall and a good cold morning to pull the cover off and blast the little bastards before they warm up enough to fly and try and knock me off the roof!

If that tidbit of info works, will make things a lot easier for me!  Thanks!

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