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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
I was reading the topic in the library about keeping the RV cool.  I have purchased maybe half a dozen of those thin, foldable windshield covers.  They're very thin and flexible, fold to nothing, are very dark, and they combat heat.  The smaller size slide up under my pleated shades to provide additional protection against strong sun.  They also provide additional privacy at night, if needed.  They fold so thin, I have them all in the seat pocket behind the driver's seat.  I use two of the large size for a quick cover of the windshield, or on a larger side window.

On cool nights, the cat likes to play hide and seek behind one leaning against the couch.  Or I can pull her around on it like a sled.  It's quite sturdy. 

Thanks for the tip, Pat. I'll have to pick up some of those for the MH....should come in handy in some of the toasty places we stay.
I bought some of this off ebay.? It's very thin.? I think it keeps a lot of heat out, and I'm in north Texas.? I put it up with velcro.? The auction I bid on had a "best offer" option.? I got it $23 for 10 yards.? You might can even get it cheaper.
I have made covers for all the windows in our motorhome, using the light blocking drape lining.  I purchased this at a local fabric shop.  I hold it up with velcro.  I also keep these on the windows when the rv is not in use.  You can cut the "fabric" to the size (a little larger to overlap to the wall) of each window (I wrote on the top of each, which window it goes on)  I used sew on velcro on the fabric and stick on on the wall. (velcro is hidden by the valance)  Be sure to clean surface with alcohol, and let dry.  I wait a couple of days before hanging.  I have had a couple come unstuck. If this happens, you can either use a staple gun to hold it up or some of the velcro glue sold in the fabric/craft store.  These fold small and are easy to store.

I've also used the dollar store car sunshades to cut to size to cover my skylights.  They are light weight and velcro stuck well.


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