Kudos to Lazydays in Loveland Colorado

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Jul 15, 2013
Southwest FL
They say bad news comes in threes, well it sure did for us. A couple of weeks ago my DW fell and broke her left patella (kneecap). Then a few days later I got a call from the facility where my mother is living in FL that she was not doing well. She is almost 95. After more conversation I found that it wasn?t life threatening at this point, but I should get back to FL.  Because we were going to be there awhile we decided to drive back. I started checking over the coach, the tires, batteries, oil etc. when I lifted the hood to check the oil the hood sprung loose from the front cap.  It was just swinging free. I called every rv and mobile rv repair shop and they were all booked at least two weeks out. RV Doctor suggested I call Scott at  Lazydays body shop in Loveland. Lazydays was busy, but after hearing my tale of woe said bring it in and they would get it done three days. The coach was ready when promised. They also repaired other brackets that were loose. I tell this story because we hear a lot of negative stories about the big stores (I am guilty) and fewer good ones. I really appreciated the body shop at Lazydays going the extra mile to get me back on the road as soon as possible.
Thanks for sharing such a good report on a dealer who stepped up to the plate and helped you out.  Sorry to hear of your woes and hope for the best.
Good to hear the new owners are decent.
When it was RV America they were crooks, con men and shysters.

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