Kwikee Electric Step four way connector

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Mar 18, 2012
I have a Kwikee model not sure if it's 1422255 or  #875.  Both are on the owners manual.  Anyway while away this past weekend the step got stuck in the in position. There was an RV repair travel guy there and he came to fix it.  Turns out it was the four way connector not plugged in tightly.  When we got home and pulled the step out to go in and clean the step wouldn't go back in.  I went under and discovered that one of the wires on the four way connector was ripped out.  The wire is on the vehicle half of the connector.  My question to this forum is this.  Can I just buy a piece of a four way connector and attach to these wires or do I need to go and buy a totally new control unit.  I am totally ignorant to all of this as I am looking  at the owners manual to see what parts are called. Please advise.  Thanks
There is nothing magical about the four way connector.  It's there simply to connect the Kwikee made steps to the coach manufacturers wiring harness.  It is used as a convenient place to do some trouble shooting, but not really functionally necessary.  Simply splicing the wires together (without the connector) would work as well.

How ever you decide to repair it, tape (or cable tie) it up out of the path of the moving steps or other things it might snag on.
Hi Lou
Thanks so then I need to remove the four way connector completely and just tie all four wires together without it.  That makes sense.  I didn't think of that.  I will try it.  Thanks again.  When I finish i will use twist ties to connect the whole thing up.

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The only other advice I could add is to solder the ends and use a good butt crimp with heat shrink to finish it off. Just YOU TUBE or GOOGLE it for some help with this. The step is always in the line of fire from road debris and the wiring takes a beating.

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