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Apr 15, 2005
I've got a Kwikee Electric Step.  Took the control box apart and two of the resistors on the board were burned.  The step only works in short jerky moves in or out.  Does anyone have a schematic of the board so the resistor value can be determined.  Additionally, does anyone know where just the board (control box) can be purchased?  Does anyone have a damaged step that was replaced and kept the old board (control box) they would like to sell?
Have a look at the Kwikee Company Website.

Or usese this next link to their Downloads? page where various manuals and wiring digrams are listed.

If you don't find it there, contact the Company? Customer Service Department at 800-736-9961.

Kwikee Products Company, Inc.
230 Davidson Avenue
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
Fax 1-541-942-5515
If you are willing to make several calls and do some investigative work, you can sometimes (not always tho) get the resistor values. So far I'm getting this kind of information 4 out of 5 times I try.

I do this by calling the company, and asking to speak to the engineering department (after all, I used to work in one ;D). Look at the board and note any string of numbers and/or dates on the board. The string of numbers will usually be a part number, board number, or some such thing that identifies the circuitboard. Also get Kwikee's part number for the entire controller.

Contact their engineering department and find out if they purchase the control box from another manufacturer and if they do so, who they purchased it from (you will need the approximate date the step was installed on the coach). If they ask why (some do, some don't), tell them the truth, that you are trying to replace some fried components. So far I haven't had anybody refuse my request. Ask them for the control box manufacturer's phone number and the Part number they used to purchase it.

Contact the control box manufacturer (the engineering dept again) and find out if they have the schematics for the board. If they do, ask them to identify the fried resistors. If they don't (unlikely, but possible), ask them who supplied the board, get the phone number and call the board manufacturer. The numbers on the board will identify the board for the board manufacturer.

If your fix doesn't work, and you need to get a new board, try the board manufacturer first, then the control box manufacturer, and then Kwikee. Chances are all you will get from Kwikee is a new complete control box.

Yep, its a lot of phone calling, but can result in significant savings.....2 resistors vs. 1 complete control box.

Good luck!

David D.
NC DaveD said:
Yep, its a lot of phone calling, but can result in significant savings.....2 resistors vs. 1 complete control box.

I have had mixed success with this approach.  I've been unlucky, I guess.  The most recent one was with Freightliner who would give me NO information other than take it to the shop and have the box replaced.  I did this as I do have a service contract and then took the thing apart.

Now the Yahoo Diesel RV group knows how to fix the most common failure mode of the display computer.  VBG

There have been a number of items where I have had to get out the data books and do the circuit analysis or whattever to determine the fix and I always post the information in the most appropriate places for all to use.  I've only been threatened a couple of times by the companies involved for exposing " propriety information".  VBG


IMHO, the burned resistors are probably not the problem, but a symptom of the real cause of your trouble. One resistor may burn out by itself, but two burning out is way more than coincidence. Are they truly burned out or merely overheated? Disconnect the gearbox mechanical connections from the steps and see if the motor/gearbox runs smoothly. If not, remove the cover plate and check for lack of lubrication, broken gear teeth. etc. Still disconnected, operate the steps by hand and check for binds; clean and lubricate as necessary. Make sure they extend and retract fully, as failure to do so can cause power to remain on and draw excessive current. The control unit is designed to shut off after 5 seconds. To check this, disconnect the 2-way connector between the motor and the control unit and disconnetc the 4-way connector. Place a voltmeter between the red and yellow wires of the 2-way connector and then reconnect the 4-way connector, then turn the power switch on. If any voltage registers for more than 5 seconds, the control unit is not shutting off and may be defective. Make sure the green wire ground is properly connected to a good ground point, and all connectors are clean and corrosion-free.

Good luck! :) 
Hi-- a little late, just caught up to every one else that has moved here-- and am only offering a caution from an experience I had.

Starting 1/1/2000, Kwikee changed the internal circuitry of the "box", the upshot of which was the need to make sure the magnetic door switch was compatible. Pre 2000, it was "normally CLOSED", thereafter is bacame "normally OPEN".

Got the "need a special switch" and other usual grief when I talked with the Tech. Radio Shack has them, if you find the need. Just a point to consider if you start swapping parts, which otherwise are physically inter-changeable.
Regards from Memphis
I've read that the motor in post 1990 steps is either a left or right (I forget) Ford front window lift motor. Unfortunately I'll be changing the motor tomorrow since mine burned out last week, so I will test the above to see if that is true.  ;)
Hi Guys

Not sure it's relevant here, but Fleetwood have just issued 2 recall notices for Kwikee steps.

I dont have the paperwork, but one of them was definately in regard to a fire risk.

It may just be worth giving the manufatcurer some hassle before buying new stuff as it seems to be an ongoing issue with them.

My 2006 Expedition was just checked and was OK.


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