Kyocera 120 Solar Panel Alert!

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Mar 5, 2005
near Albuquerque, NM
Greetings, all.....

I learned by overhearing a conversation at a solar dealer that many (but not all) Kyocera 120 solar panels that were made in 1999 are defective.  They will not reach the 14 plus volts that they are supposed to while charging.

I always thought my original KC 120 didn't seem to charge as well as it should have.  My second one, bought 2 years later, DOES.

I called Kyocera, and they confirmed the problem when I gave them the panel's serial number.  They were great about sending out a box right away so I could ship the panel back.  A replacement panel was sent as soon as they got the old one.

Kyocera Solar's number is 480-948-8003.

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