Land Yacht front end suspension parts

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Jul 23, 2019
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We recently purchased a 30 foot, 2003 Airstream Land Yacht built on the P30(?) Chevy / Workhorse platform. 

It has been at the tire shop for over a week.  They are having trouble finding front end suspension parts (specifically an idler arm).

Has anybody else had this issue and can you help?  Thanks in advance, if you can.  It would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Is it a P30 or P37?
Parts are easily obtainable
Either or a good NAPA TRUCK CENTER not the local NAPA guy A NAPA TRUCK CENTER. Have your VIN number handy
If the guy cannot find the part you have have your RV at the wrong place.
Is this a truck shop or an RV place?
A 2003 coach model may be on a Workhorse P32 chassis P42 chassis, or a W series chassis.

Super Steer makes a number of  upgraded steering and suspension components for the P series chassis available from Ultra RV products as well as other sources, there are also a few companies like Mill Supply that offer P series stepvan truck parts, many of which will cross over to motorhome chassis.

p.s. an 03 P series coach will be on the wide track front end built between 01-06, which shares some front end parts in common with the older pre 01 narrow track Chevy and Workhorse P series coaches, though other parts are specific to the wide track front end, and can be a bit harder to find.  Most notably are the front rubber brake lines, which are slightly longer on the wide track coaches, and are very hard to find, as a result some mechanics end up using the shorter lines which can bind and cause brake line failure if the front end is lifted off the ground.

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