Larger Oil Filter

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Sep 21, 2005
No. CA
I am considering a larger (1 qt.) oil filter for my 8.1 Chevy powered motorhome.  The stock filter is a 1/2 qt. size.  I will be using 5w-30 full synthetic oil.  Obviously there will be a larger volume of oil, but what, if anything, will happen to the oil pressure?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I use the 1 quart filter and have observed no effect on pressure.  You can use either of the larger sized filters designed for the Chevy 454 block - the thread and other parameters are identical to the 8.1L.
Oil pressure is controled by a regulator as to top pressure,  Pressure at low engine speeds is a function of many things and so long as the filter is not partially clogged it should not be one of them.

A larger filter will take longer to clog is all  This may or may not be an issue.  Will do not harm however
unless a special by pass filter is instlled the stock filters are full flow filters and as such contain a feature to insure full flow is available even if filter medium is clogged.  So the condition of the stock type filter should not affect oil pressure unless the oil is full of sludge.

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