Leaking Leveler Part II

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Nov 15, 2014
Good Morning Campers!
Back in September I posted about my front levelers leaking down. No fluid comes out but the rams retract about an inch every few days. I was able to get inside the panel behind the coach batteries...finally! Attached are a couple of pictures of what's back there. Does anyone know what I should be messing with to try to resolve the problem?


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I'm out on this one.  The solenoids have never given me a problem.  My rams were actually leaking fluid on the ground.
Just for info's sake, I removed the rams and took them to a commercial hydraulic shop for repacking.  Haven't had a problem since.
If the jack rams retract by themselves and no fluid underneath, it is 99% probable that the solenoid valve for them is leaking. The valve opens when the pump runs to push fluid into the jack, then closes tight to hold it there (maintain pressure). If the valve leaks, fluid slowly drains back to the pump reservoir and the jack comes up.  Your picture shows the 3 valves, one each for the rear jacks and one for the front pair.
Its easier than that,, put all down,, then twist each valve manually to see witch raises and mark it to identify later.>>>Dan
Do you mean that those knobs are adjustments? Are the valves adjustable?
Check your manual, those valves are for emergency raising the jacks by a manual means. They are not for adjusting anything.>>>Dan
Unfortunately, I don't have any detailed manuals on this coach. We bought it third hand. I have one on the Ford chassis and a very general owner's manual on the coach but nothing that gets down to the nuts & bolts of how things work.

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