Leaking LP line (hose fitting)

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Jun 11, 2005
A week or so ago I posted that the hoses/fittings on the LP tanks should be checked for leaks as mine had developed one.  I contacted the manufacturer of the hoses, Marshall Brass who has made valves, lines and other things in the RV line for many years.  I was contacted by a rep from the company today and was asked to send the hose/fittings to them via pre-paid shipping.  Understandingly, they want to inspect the items to see if there is a manufacturing defect or faulty crimping of the hose.  I informed them by letter the reason I was concerned and they agreed.  I will try and keep the forum informed as I receive any information from them.  In the meantime, please inspect yours for leaks.  It is too late after the fact. 
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