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Sep 23, 2006
I am new to the world of RV' ing so forgive me if I stumble a bit , I just bought a new 27' Palomino 256 Thoughbred tow behind? ,I have only used it once however, the roof leak ,the shower leaks,the restroom window leaks.
When I bought, it the saleman ,as do all salemen talked as the camper was straight from heaven .
Aluminum framing ,air tight walls,etc.
I Have 2 questions.
1) Is Palomino a Quality Brand
2) Is it normal for a few problems like this to appear after the first road trip.

Thanks for any help
Derek? ???
Not sure about whether Palomino is a quality brand of trailer or not. BUT, while it is normal for any RV to have a few bugs I wouldn't consider leaks to be small stuff. Take it back to dealer immediately and make sure they fix the leaks. The longer they go on the more damage the water will do to the interior.

By all means take it to the dealer immediately and have them fixed the leaks and any resulting damage.  If the trailer leaked on your first trip out it was probably leaking while on the lot so a close inspection for damage caused by the leaks is in order.  Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Palomino is a small manufacturer but I haven't heard any consistently negative (or for that matter, positive ones either) comments about them.

Some amount of minor problems are to be expected but multiple major leaks are not.
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