Leave the air on ... or off?

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Aug 19, 2005
NW Louisiana
I would like to know what anyone suggests as far as leaving the air/fan running in the TT Toyhauler while parked at home. ?It's been 98 + degrees here, high humidity, etc... Have the unit plugged into our 30 amp box and keep the refrig on but was not sure about running the 15 BTU Coleman unit on low cool .... or what? ?I want to do what's best for the TT and the air unit itself and not worry about the power usage. ?I know that most appliances last longer with continual use, like the frig .... does this go for the air too? ???
a/c units should indeed be run periodically - they rely on the freon to provide some internal librication as well as cooling.  And keeping your Rv de-humified will help it as well by controlling mildew, reducing delamination of glues on cabintery, flooring, etc., preserving electonics, and so on.

I would leave the a/c on its automatic setting rather than "Low Cool" but set the thermostat high enough so that it did not run continuously.
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