Length Limit: Grand Canyon Trailer Village

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Apr 10, 2006
I'm renting a 30' Class C out of Phoenix and want to spend a couple of nights at the Grand Canyon Trailer Village.? There are spots available in the "smaller lot" (for 28' and lower) but none in the larger lot.? Has anyone stayed in the smaller lot?? If I reserve a space in the smaller lot, but show up with a 30' will I be turned away or otherwise have a problem squeezing into any of the spaces?? This is the first time I've rented an RV so I'm way in the dark here.? Any help would be appreciated.

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Though I'd very much like to stay in the RV village there.

My wife objects to the fact the showers use NICK-O-LOCK control valves,  Yup,  You have heard of a quarter car wash... Well this is a quarter person wash
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